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Friday, September 30, 2016

108 Names of Goddess Durga

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Maa Durga is known by 108 nos of different names. Here I try to share the 108 names of Goddess Durga with English Meaning in below image . If you recited these Maa Durga Names during difficulties, you get results soon.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Islamic Vashikaran Mantra using Horseshoe

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This is one of most powerful Islamic Vashikaran Mantra from the Islamic Tantra. This Muslim Mantra makes the use of a Horseshoe to conduct this attraction experiment which is for the purpose of enchanting a man or a woman or to bring two persons of the opposite sex closer to each other and fall in love.

Mantra -

“ Fallan Bint Fallan”  Aalaa Hubbe “ Fallan Bint Fallan” Ashik Shudh ''

 मंत्र हिन्दी भाषा मे -

''( फ़लां बिंत फ़लां ) अला  हुब्बे ( फ़लां बिंत फ़लां ) आशिक शुद्ध''

Procedure for this Vashikaran-

  1. For this Vashikaran processes at first you collect an old horseshoe.
  2. Procedure will start in a auspicious day according to Islamic calendar.
  3. Ware fresh dress and sit in a clean silent place.
  4. Flame a oil lamp and incense.
  5. Keep iron made horseshoe pices in your left palm and cover it with your right palm.
  6. Concentrate a little bit of time deeply.
  7. Feel some energy create in your palm.
  8. Silently chant above mantra  108 times.
Note -
The words “Fallan Bint Fallan “which is appear in the Mantra Line twice.
When you chant above Mantra, In your first processes these three words are replaced by the names of the girl and her father and in the second instance with the names of the boy and his father.
Suppose, the person’s name is ABC and Her/his father name is XYZ, then you have to chant this Mantra like,- 

“ABC”  Aalaa Hubbe “XYZ” Ashik Shudh ‘’

After doing the above, a fire has to be lit and the Horseshoe with the Mantra written on it has to be put in the fire, it should be removed when the fire extinguishers. This entire process of putting the Horseshoe has to be performed continuously for 8 days.

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Special Islamic Mantra for overcome poverty

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Islamic mantra or tantra is very famous in this world similar to vedic tantra vidya, because these tantra or mantra is very powerful and strong or gives a very strong outcome quicker defiantly. When a person has many problems in their life, such as a girlfriend or boyfriend problems, a husband or wife problems,

This is one of best Muslim Shabar Mantra to overcome and remove poverty, like food, clothing and housing.

Mantra -

'' Yaa Shaahe Fiyadous Rahamdil Rahim

Assalaam - O - Alaikam ''

The Procedure of Mantra Sadhana is as follows – 

  • The proper time for this Mantra Sadhana recommended as per the Islamic calendar, is on the 2nd day of the Bright half of the Moon.
  • Sadhana will start at night.
  • After bath or wash your feet and hand ware fresh cloths.
  • Sit in a silent place and light a stick of Dhoop or Loban, in front of You.
  • Starting From this day Mantra will be Chant 800 times daily continuous 30 days.  
  • Both men and women can practice this Sadhana.

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Islamic Yantra for attraction

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This is a one of most secret Islamic Yantra which is used for extend your love and affection within your family members who are living in the same house. Attraction make family members live together,

Procedure to make this Yantra -
  1. Always try to make this Yantra in any auspicious day according to Islamic calender.
  2. After bath wear fresh cloth also cover your head (Hair) with a piece of white cloth.
  3. This Yantra will drawn on a white piece of paper. for that collect a clean white writing paper
  4. The ink used for writing it should be a mixture of Rose water and Saffron. 
  5. For drawing this Yantra use any pointed wooden stick.
  6. Siting in a silent place draw image in a white paper with the mixer of Rose water and Saffron paste looks like above Yantra.
  7. Dry it and then pasted it on a cardboard and put in a photo frame,
After you prepared this Yantra you should offer some Loban or Incense to the Yantra by keeping the Yantra in front of the Loban and prayer to God for fulfill your wish.

Next day hung this Yantra on a prominent place in the House.

Whenever the family members look at the Yantra or pass under the Yantra, it make the other family members attractive in their eyes and enhances love and affection.

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