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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Islamic Yantra for Vashikaran and Attract Girl

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This is an Islamic Vashikaran Yantra, or an Attraction Naqsh to attract girl other word to some one you LOVE.. The procedure and making of this Vashikaran Spell is similar to that of most of the Hindu Yantras. In this post, I will explain how this Islamic Love Spell is made to work.
  • This Yantra has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra as shown above in the diagram in a auspicious day after bath. 
  • In the middle section of this 'Yantra' write the name of the person / girl and her mother name.
  • In this procedure maintain silence. 
  • Yantra' should drawn with black ink. 
  • After complete drawing procedure, rolled it and make a Wick (the way wicks to light Diyas are prepared). 
  • Then you kept in a Flat Earthen Diya, filled with Jasmine Oil and then lit. 
  • The flame of the Earthen Diya has to be face in the direction of the persons / girl house on whom you are utilized this experiment. 

Procedure has to be done for continuous 21 days in a row for grant success. According to Islamic Tantra, if you wish to use this Yantra with proper procedure,You will appear like a magnet to her and she will fall in love with you. even if the persons you love is heartless, persons will melt.

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Islamic Mantra for Happiness and Prosperity

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This is one of best Islamic ‘Shabri Mantra’ for Family Happiness  and Prosperity.This is a wonderful  Mantra Sadhana' for gaining wealth, property, vehicles, also happy family life, position, fame-in other words all pleasures that life can offer. More than this one gains a magnetic personality and thus even high ranking officers, ministers, are left captivated by one’s charms.

Mantra -

'' Ya Moosbbib Bal Asbadh ''

Procedure to Mantra Siddhi (mastery) -
  • Do this Sadhana in any auspicious day according to Islamic calender,
  • After bath wear fresh cloths,in early morning or night.
  • Sit in a silent places, do meditation and pray for 'Allah'' to fulfill your wish.
  • After that take a white clean piece of paper and write this above mantra 501 times upon this paper.
  • Then you should keep this paper in a clean place in your home or hanging it on wall. 
  • This will ensure happiness and bliss as all essential needs are said to be met.

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Islamic Mantra For Sudden Wealth

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Money or wealth is a basic need of everyone. Without wealth or money no one can’t do anything and life goes to waste. For achieve success and earn sudden wealth this is one of best Islamic ‘Mantra’. This is the ‘Mantra’ which can you find in ‘ Shaabri Vidhya.

‘Shaabri Vidhya’ is very famous because it is written in commonly spoken language and all mantras are very beneficial to a Muslim people. 

If you wants to get more profit in your business, than this Islamic mantra for wealth is very important for you.

Mantra -

'' Baithe chabutre pathe kuraan, Haajar kaam duniyaaka kare

Ek kaam mera na kere to, Teen lakh taitrish haajar paigambarki duhai ''

Procedure to Chant-
For attain Mastery (For Mantra Siddhi) Chant this above Mantra 51,000 times,Start from any auspicious day according to Islamic Calender.

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Zodiac Sign Pieces 2016

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People born under this Zodiac Signs bid goodbye to your day imagination and start doing some real work if you want to ensure your good fortune. Your imagination skills are impressive but failing to imply them into real world and practical things can give you nothing but annoyance, frustrations and complete failure. According to some planetary combination during this year indicates that if you are a photographer, artist, fashion designers, movie directors then your carrier will florist during this year. Whatever the field is you need to keep trying some practical skills and focus serious attention rather than getting drowned into your dreamy world.

2016 is not suitable for you in Love and relationship,Try to control your overly emotional attitude. otherwise it will be used as weapons to hurt your feeling by your own closed ones. Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn Sign are good match for this sing as per Vedic astrology.

Stress, anxiety, nervous disorder and emotional trauma might cause your bad health this year but doing some meditation, exercises and relying on fresh fruits and vegetables will do sure help to improve your health. Financially this year is average as income will be good but savings less.

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Zodiac Sign Aquarius 2016

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According to planets position for Aquarius Sing 2016 indicates that you will be able to have a strict control over the string of your purse but do take care when you decide to spend as most often then you fail to limit your expenses.

Try shaking off your casual attitude and not so serious outlook with people who really mean a lot to you in your life. Not being able to express your emotions and try exercising patience can lead to misunderstanding with your life partner and other closed ones.

Career will be good this year but you need to work harder and try resisting your need to have rest periods more than what is normal. Keep working hard and do what is right as then only you will get all your dreams come true this year 2016.

Savings will be good but try not to tax on them heavily on unwanted luxuries.

For love and relationship Taurus, Virgo will be good for you if you want to have serious, but generally as per your free-spirited attitude it is suggested Libra, Gemini and Aries Sign can be best match for you.

 Travelling scopes are there and heath will be medium with special care to female diseases.

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Zodiac Sign Capricorn 2016

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All Capricorns are basically a career person hence, year 2016 your hard working spirit and ambitious mind will led you to good career prospects. Career will be marked with perks, promotions and reputations, however, your team work spirit has to be rejuvenated and leadership skills sharpened even more than before. With passage of time your career field will be challenged with several issues and challenges that will require your skills to work harmoniously with team and offer help at times. Financially income will not be featured with any positive growth but no financial hardships are noticed in Capricorn sign 2016.

Try spending more time with your dear one and near one as otherwise you run the risk of separation in this year.

Personal life and family life will suffer a bit but timely intervention by you can help your family from breaking apart.

Marriage scopes are there but your married life will have to go through some stressful situations due to your over indulgence in your own world that heavily is stuffed with your career goals and aims.   Sagittarius, Virgo Sign, et generally is considered to be suitable match for Capricorn Sign.

Year 2016 you may suffer stress related diseases like high blood pressure, .

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Zodiac Sign Sagittarius 2016

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In 2016 your star indicates to some accidents and mishaps under this fire sign, so try to keep under control your overly adventurous spirit in this year 2016.

Career will go as it is with no major changes and improvement but your professional life will be satisfying with no threats of any kind also. Financially this year indicates to mixed results where income will be good but failing to save adequately can result in financial annoyances.

Be extra careful with money during the first half of the year and last quarter of 2016. Your zodiac sign 2016 suggest you for saving first and then spending on essential items.

For Love and relationship, Capricorn, Aries, and Gemini Sign are believed to be best match for Sagittarian according to Vedic astrology. Marriage proposals will be received but make sure to thoroughly inspect before finally committing to anyone. Try resisting impulses in this matter.

Heath will be good but relying heavily on fast food can cause health complaints. Try to avail protection from cold. Travelling scopes are good

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Zodiac Sign Scorpio 2016

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People born under the influence of this Zodiac sign will be happy to know that their business prospects will .get a boost this year and Career prospect will shine. Several impressive job waiting for them. Scorpions’  2016 points to a happy and continued to be professional life where your hard work complimented with smartness, sincerity and devotion will bring you good fortune and reputation. Financially too this year has loads to offer you but just take care of the fact that your tendency to over spend on fashion accessories and personal care does not tolls on your savings much.

Love is in the air and also marriage prospects are severe this year. Piece, Taurus, Capricorn Sign can be opted for as they prove to be good match for Scorpions Sign. Further, it is a good year to do family planning for married couples.

Take care of road accidents during traveling to   as these things too are present in the horoscope reading for people with this zodiac sign.

In 2016 generally Health will be good in but periodic medical checkups are suggested to keep going in the pink of health. On an overall basis this Zodiac people will have very good year.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Zodiac Sign Virgo 2016

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In career prospects this Zodiac sign Virgo shows best results in this year 2016 as per Vedic astrology and also the position of sun and moon on the horoscope. Virgo Sign 2016 shows very good scope for starting a new business or joining a better company that will help boosting income along with providing satisfactory job environment. Careful inspection, however, is mandatory before joining a new business or company as hasty decisions can cause to damage and loss.

People engaged with there Family business will flourish in 2016, Footwear industry, teaching profession and iron industry etc also shows better financial gain in this year. for that year 2016 suggest that a point is to be made surely to control unwanted expenses or else all the incoming cash will get channelized to procure unnecessary items only, which will bring in financial trouble.People engaged with  IT sectors, fashion industry get best result in this year.

For Virgo signs this year 2016 Scopes for doing arrange marriage will knock the door and also will bring good fortune but love marriage will be marked with some compilations. Taurus, Pieces, Cancer and Aquarius zodiac signs can be considered to best match for good and satisfying married life,  if there is a plan to tie the knot this year.

Health will be good. 

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Zodiac Sign Leo 2016

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For maintaining peace and harmony in personal lives, people as per Leo zodiac sign 2016 should exercise some compassion, Dominating tendency and an intention to do fake emotional dramas should be avoided as this year 2016 can bring great family issues for these things.

Career will be good and the leadership quality in them can do well to their career growth prospects but overdoing anything can cause them to face rejection and ignorance in their career fields.

Financially this year will be good with good savings and controlled spending but here also over-indulging in luxury can cause financial hardships towards the middle of the year 2016.

For health, Peoples of this zodiac sign  will feel satisfactory and also no major threat to health aspects indicated as per their horoscope reading.

Marriage prospects are very good for this sign in 2016. People born under this sign of Sagittarius, Capricorn  and Taurus Sign proved to be ideal match for this Leo sign.

Travel scope is not that prominent this year 2016 but small tours can be organized for a change towards the last quarter of the year.

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Zodiac Sign Libra 2016

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Financially Libra Sign 2016 indicates serious decisions have to be made and careful spending and investments of money has to be ensured or else nothing will be left to procure essential items. Residential properties should be invested on as people with no house of their own will find this year a satisfying one.

Libra sign need to concern more attention to their own family members and serious about their closed ones, Mental war with their dear ones will get even wider than before. More quality time with family needs to be spent than enjoying with friends if peace and harmony is to be ensured at home. Personal and family life will suffer if not serious attention is focused on the emotional demands of dear and near ones.

All Libra Sign feed good regarding health. There are no major incident shows in health factor. Heath will be average.

In 2016 married life will face too much complications if intimacy lacks and a tendency to be as light-hearted as wind is displayed by people born under this Sign. Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn  are some examples of Libra Sign match as these Sign people will be able to understand their mindset and nature of people with Libra Sign better than anyone else. 

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