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Thursday, December 31, 2015

How You live in 2016 according to Your Zodiac

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Major planetary position 2016 are, Saturn in Scorpio, on 09th January 2016 Rahu entered in zodiac sign Leo, In the first half of the year Jupiter placed in zodiac  Leo, on 11th August 2016 Jupiter will enter in the zodiac sign Virgo. 20th Feb to 17 June Mars become retrograde in Scorpio.

  1. Aries 2016.
  2. Taurus 2016.
  3. Gemini .2016
  4. Cancer .2016
  5. Leo .2016
  6. Virgo .2016
  7. Libra .2016
  8. Scorpio .
  9. Sagittarius .
  10. Capricorn .
  11. Aquarius .
  12. Pieces .

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Zodiac Sign Taurus 2016

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People born under this sign generally are very family-oriented people and this year 2016 will bring quite a few happy events to celebrate to their families. 

According to vedic astrology 2016 is a strong possibility of happy marriages taking place in the lives of the people with this zodiac sign. Siblings too can get married and the marriages will be satisfying ones. However, care has to be taken in case of love marriages as some complications cannot be totally ruled out this year 2016. For best match,Virgo and Aries sign can be thought of as good family life for this Zodiac sign.

For financial point of view year 2016 is good for this sign, for that source of income will be impressive, expenses can be controlled if tried hard and savings too will be good. Extra source of income too will be satisfactory and scopes are there. Career wise this year 2016 several new projects will provide opportunities to make a strong career base and also new and better job opportunities too will come along the way.

Heath issues may arise and tendency to over-eat has to be controlled or several heath complaints will arise.

Traveling opportunities and scopes, both domestic and international, are plenty this year 2016.

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Zodiac Sign Gemini 2016

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From career point of view People born under this sign will do well this year. In this fields like,... art and craft, human resource, psychology, public relation etc will be done extraordinarily well by them. For Germinates get better job opportunities in 2016, However, while you changing old jobs, it is advised to thoroughly understand the growth prospects, pros and cons of the new one. Hasty decisions can bring financial trouble

For Financial sector in 2016 savings will be really disappointing, for that advised to control on the strings of their purse has to be ensured  unnecessary waste of money on electronics and as such things.

For this zodiac sign 2016 Aquarius , Libra  and Sagittarius can be ideal match for those who want to tie the knot this year and start a family. This year marriage prospects will be plenty and the alignment of stars indicate possibilities of happy marriage. Peace at family can be witnessed and no sibling rivalry. 

Traveling and good heath also ensured.

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Zodiac Sign Cancer in 2016

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Peoples with this sign are always quite sensitive from emotional point of view. This year they have to faced few unexpectedly challenges to their personal and family life, which will disturb the general atmosphere of their family lives. Be control yourself, try to avoid over aggressive attitude.
Financial matter this year 2016 like the usual ones with people with this zodiac sign will be above average and savings also good.

From career perspective for Cancer sing in 2016 in the fields of art, music, drama, architectural will be most beneficiaries and also scopes to prosper in the career fields will come along timely.

Germinates in 2016, Marriage prospects are present but there are some complications will be witnessed.
Pieces, Taurus can be suitable match for cancer sign. If you trying to do for love marriage, think about it and will take careful steps.

This year traveling scopes are more plenty and it will be the best way to live healthy in this year. however, care has to be taken to avoid sea voyages and or traveling to places nearby water bodies. Heath will be satisfactory but a regular physical checkups is advised.

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Zodiac Sign Aries 2016

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People born under this zodiac sign will witness mixed results this year 2016. In their work places they will have work hard to maintain their position in business or job. People will conspire against them, for that you can be tackled this with sincerity, punctuality and professionalism. 

This year 2016 Marriages will bring good luck for this sign but no hasty decision should be taken, specifically in arranged marriages. For suitable marriage partner, For best match Taurus,Sagittarius  and Aquarius sign can be considered as suitable parter for Aries.

For financial matter this year 2016 will be marked with unnecessary expenses for that result in very less savings. Beware to invest in any shortcut money making financial schemes. 

As per the health is concerned, people born under this sign has to take special care of their diet as too much depending on spicy and oily food can take a toll on their health. Obesity, heart diseases, blood pressure and cholesterol are some of the health complaints that generally mark the lives of people born under this sign. Traveling scopes will come positively and also benefits can be withdrawn from such short-route holiday plans by the people with Mesha rashi.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Enemies Protection Mantra

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This is one of most effective  Stambhan Mantras to control your from enemies. It is said that the use of these mantras will stop/immobilize your enemy and put an end to all their activities against you.

Always remember that we gives information in good faith to benefit the general population by way of Indian Vedic Mantras and Remedies. However we cannot vouch for its success or failure.practice or advocate the use of these mantras. We have been given here for information purposes only.

Mantra -

 '' Om Vam Vam Vam Ham Ham Gham Th Th ''

मंत्र -

'' ॐ वं वं वं हं हं घां  ठं ठं ''

Procedure For this Mantra Sadhana -:
  • To attain Siddhi for this mantra Sadhana you has to be Chant 1000 times.
  • Sadhana will start either on a Sunday or a Tuesday night.
  • After bath ware fresh dress.
  • Sitting in a silent place chant above Mantra 1000 times continuous. 

After attaining Siddhi whenever you wish to use this to stop your enemies, you need to Abhimintrit (Bind by the mantra) a few black Sesame seeds ( Til ) in Hindi.
For that keep some Sesame seeds ( Til in Hindi ) in your left hand and cover it with your right hand and concentrating in your hand  reciting this mantra 21 times. 
After doing this procedure you have to throw the black Sesame seeds on the body of the person, you wish to stop. 
After some days you feel that your enemies will stop all the activities of your enemy.

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Ayurveda For Glowing Skin, Thick & Long Hairs

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You don’t have to starve yourself to look good. All you need is to eat the right foods. Here we write some secret of a beauty diet plan for you which help you look fabulous

Eat green vegetables such as Spinach, zucchini, broccoli and Brussels sprouts contain a carotene, both defend your cells from free radicals and help keep your eyes lustrous. Avoid overcooking for best benefits. Steam or sauté, instead.

Orange and other vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and fiber work against under-eye puffiness.
Pro biotic yogurt: It contains good bacteria that help your skin look healthy. Eczema sufferers can benefit a great deal from a daily intake.

Oily fish reduce skin inflammation and keep it moisturized. They also promote elasticity, keeping wrinkles at bay.

Strawberries, blueberries, etc., contain antioxidant nutrients that get rid of free radicals in the blood and guard your collagen, thereby boosting skin repair. Collagen makes your skin supple, smooth and plump.

Have milk, cheese, beans, yeast, peanuts, whole grain cereals to avoid brittle nails. Pumpkin seeds are one of the most concentrated non-meat sources of zinc. But many vegetarian foods also contain physic acid that binds with zinc, making it unavailable to the body. Hence, take a Vitamin C supplement. It will make zinc more available.

Low-fat milk products such as skimmed milk, yogurt and cottage cheese are great sources too. If you like eggsand don’t suffer from high cholesterol, have one yolk a day. It contains Vitamin B-12 which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Make sure you include whole wheat, brown rice and fortified cereals in your everyday diet.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ayurvedic Medicine For Acidity

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1) Wake up early morning as soon as you can and drink two glass of water on empty stomach.

2) Eating Amla (Emblica officinalis) regularly does help in reducing acidity.

3) Consuming a glass of Ashgourd (winter melon or benincasa hispida) in empty stomach reduces acidity and cools the body.

4) Consume Buttermilk  and cold milk regularly.

5) Avoid Spicy, Junk, and Fried Food

6) Consume fruits like water-melon, papaya and banana after food.

7) Drinking Coconut water regular helps to reduce acidity and gives relief from indigestion.

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Natural Remedies for Dark Lips Treatment

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Dark Lips can happen due to multiple reasons, some of them are like Skin Pigmentation, smoking, tanning etc.
In Ayurveda there are multiple home remedies like using lemon, honey, glycerin, beetroot, almond oil etc to bring back natural lip color.Here we recommended you some best Ayur Vedic home remedies for remove Dark Lips Spot.

Lemon Honey Lip Serum :
Take equal parts of lemon juice and honey and mix them well to make your tan removing lip serum.

This mixer works on lips to peel off the tan with citrus extracts and nourish with honey to add pink color to the lips. Coat your lips with this serum and leave for an hour before wiping off with soft wet cloth.
For quicker result repeat this process 3-4 times in a day .
This mixture you can also be stored in refrigerator for a week and used multiple times.

You also need to take care of your health to achieve beautiful lips along with the topical applications. Hydrate your body by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday in order to stay away from dehydration that causing dark lips

Glycerine's Sleep : Apart from sun exposure and improper maintenance, dry lips might also cause pigmented lips. Apply glycerin over your lips using a cotton bud before going to bed every night. This treatment retains moisture and prevents drying to get rid of dark lips.

Beetroot Massage : Slice a red Beetroot into circular pieces and store the pieces in your refrigerator. Just massage your lips with a juicy piece in your leisure time.
Sit with a beetroot slice in your hand whenever your watch television or listen to music.
It will remove tan from the lips naturally and brings back pink color too.

Avoid excess Lipstick and local brands of petroleum gelly :Avoid using local brands and wholesale lip products on your lips. Use a mild herbal lip balm (pure cow ghee is best natural lip balm) instead to achieve soft tan free lips. Using fresh pureed fruits as lip masks works incredibly in removing sun tan and pigmentation.

Almond Oil Treatment : Apply almond oil on your lips before bedtime as this helps to lighten lips, and reduces discoloration.

Cucumber Juice Treatment : Daily application of Cucumber Juice would also help lighten dark lips.

How to avoid Dark or Tanned Lips

Apart from above Dark Lips Treatment Natural Remedies, follow below ones to prevent your lips from being tanned in future.
  1. Avoid Smoking
  2. Avoid Coffee or reduce it to one small cup per day
  3. Avoid excess exposure to sun
  4. Use less lipstick and check if they have Shea butter, clarified butter, vitamin E,These moisturize your lips and prevent them from drying out. 
  5. Mix 5-6 drops of olive oil and 1 teaspoon sugar. Use this for ex foliating your lips. Once you rinse off, apply healing lip butter (or cow ghee) or your favorite lip moisturizer.
  6. Drink enough water and have fresh fruits daily
  7. Don’t suck or bite your lips often
  8. Avoid chlorinated water;

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