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Friday, September 25, 2015

Ma Durga Pujan Bidhi


Sacred Provides You the easy and proper steps to do Durga puja at your Home.
Direction To Perform Durga Puja -

Step -1.

At first purify your self- perform Atma Puja ’ for that in Meditation process chanting of the below mantra,
'' Om Apavitra, Pavitro va Sarvavastham Gatoapi Va
Ya Smrait Pundarika Aksham Sa Vay Abhyantarah Suchih ''

Explanation: Whoever contemplates upon Vishnu gets automatically purified, both mentally and physically.and  Apply Tilakam (Tilakaman is Sanskrit word, it mean in English is, an 'Auspicious mark on your forehead )

After that do ‘Achman’,

Achman’ drinking of holy water after accepting it in the palm of the hand, which helps to wash off the sins committed by action, thought and speech. The mantra runs as follows:

'' Om Keshavaya Namah ''
'' Om Narayanaya Namah ''
'' Om Mahadevaya Namah ''
'' Om Goviday Namah ''

Explanation: I bow to God Keshav, I bow to God Narayan, I bow to God Madhav, I bow to God Govind.

Step -2.  

Do Sankalp : To make a firm resolve (Sankalpa) to achieve the purpose of the ceremony. It is customary to take a little water in one’s hand and make resolve.

Step -3.
Perform Kalash Pujan ( Ghat-Sthapana ). After that before to Perform Durga Puja do Dhyanam. Dhyanam' is the Prayer or the Meditation process in which you should chant ''Durga Beej Mantra''.


Step -4.
Avahana (Invocation)
Invited God to come into the place of Idol. Whenever any guest come to our House we offer them Aasana in the same way before starting pujan you may offer Goddess Durga a New, clean, decorated Red cloth to be seated.This is Known as Avahana or Invocation. At the time of Invocation we should recite Durga Avhana Mantra.

'' Aagachha Tvam Mahadevi ! Sthane Chatra Sthira Bhav. 
Yavata Pujaam Karisyami Tavata Tvam Snidho Bhav.
Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha. Durgadevimaawahayami. 
Aawahanartheye Pushpaanjali Samarpayami.''
(Recite this above Mantra and Offer Flowers to Ma Durga)

Step -5.

After Dhyan and Prayer offer Aasana 
''Om sarvmangal mangaleye shivesarvaarth sadhike, 
Sharneye Traymbake gauri Narayani Namostute.
Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha. 
Aasanarthey Pushpani Samarpayami. ''

(Offer flowers)

6.Paadya (Washing of feet)
Now wash the feet of Maa Durga gently with 'Panchaamrit' after that pouring Water, and prayer as she gets sited.

7. Arghya (Washing of hands)
After prayer to Goddess Durga offer Water to wash her Hands, this is called ''Arghya Daan''

8. Aachamana (Pray for Drink Water)
Next step you Offer Drinking Water to Goddess Durga' that is known as Aachamana.
Achaman doing by chanting, '' Jal Samarprayaani ''

9. Snana (Bathing )
Wash Goddess Durga Idol with Panchamrit (Panchamrit is mixture wit five elements like, Milk, curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar,) then pouring water mixed with Sandal Powder.

Mantra to Chant,-
'' Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha Snanartham Jalam Samarpayami. ''

(offer Ganga Jal for Bath)
'' Snananga Aachaman Snanantey Punrachamaniyam Jalam Samarpayami. ''
(Offer water for aachman)

10.Vastra (Give New Cloths)
Offer New Clothes to Maa Durga which contains Chunari, Blouse Piece & Makeup Kit with Flowers and Garlands by chanting, Mantra -
''Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha 
Vastropavastram Kanchukiyam ch Samarpayami. ''
(Offer sarees and other dress material etc.)

11.Yajnopavita (Sacred thread)
Offer Sacred Thread with Flowers and Akshathas with Sindur, Chandan, Loung, Mewa, Nariyal.
by chanting '' Yajnopavita Samarprayaani ''

12.Gandha Pushpa (Offering Sandal Paste and Flower)
Put Sandal Paste on forehead of Goddess Durga. Offer Flowers to Goddess Durga by chanting her 108 names and offer one flower of each name.

13. Deepam, Dhoopam ( Light a flame and Incense )
After offering Flowers, now en light Incense Stick to spread its fragrance and oil lamps for 'Light the world'.also this symbolize bringing of Light into Life.

14.Naibidyam (Offering Specially prepared food)
The Sweets, Fruits which are offer to Goddess Durga is known as Naivedyam.
Offer 'Naibidyam' by chanting, '' Naibidyam Samarprayaani ''

15.Tamboolam (Offering Betel Leafs and Betel Nuts)
Offer Betel leaves with betel nuts to Goddess Durga by chanting below words,....
'' Tamboolam Samarprayaani ''

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