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Monday, September 14, 2015

Islamic Yantra - 2 for Girl Vashikaran


This is one more of the Islamic Vashikaran Yantra is a way to bring your love by attracting towards you. Vashikaran Yantra is used to have someone under your control. This yantra is used to attract the anyone you desire and bring him under your influence.  This yantra is a poweful tool that is used to attract someone you love. Every person want to get to his love. But some unwanted problems  he don’t get to his love. From using vashikaran mantra he can get his love. This Yantra has many effectives and benefits. This yantra should not be used for negative intentions. This vashikaran Yantra is used in many ways such as gaining love etc. Vashikaran Yantra has a guidelines for using it. This Yantra / Naqsh is somewhat similar to the earlier Yantra in my post and is believed to give the same results.

Before prepare this Yantra, you should have collect a piece of cloth belonging to the girl, one that should have been worn or used by the girl. If you do not have such a piece of cloth, then you should   try to make other ones given on this site.

Procedure to make this Yantra....
  • The Yantra has to be prepared on any auspicious Islamic day or any Friday.
  • Yantra should be drawn like above image on a small piece of the cloth belonging to the girl. 
  • It has to be drawn with a pointed stick, 
  • Using the ink of Saffron Water. and dry it up.
  • After this, the Yantra has to be rolled like a wick 
  • and used this wick to lit an earthen lamp, which filled with any kind of fragrances oil.

Remember when you light the lamp, the lit wick of earthen lam should be facing in the direction of the house of the girl whom you wishes to put under your Vashikaran Spell. This spell. Procedure should be tried just once.

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