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Friday, September 25, 2015

Islamic Vashikaran Mantra

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This is one of special Muslim Vashikaran Mantra which is used in an experiment to control over some one man or woman for get your work done through that person.

Mantra -

'' Yaa Laumaail Bihakki Yaa Ain Yaa Ajimo ''

The procedure for energized this Mantra which is given below step by step.
  1. Procedure will be done in any auspicious day According to Islamic Calendar.
  2. After bath wear fresh cloth.
  3. Make a pointed stick like a pen for writing.
  4. Make a paste with saffron and water .
  5. Take a white piece of paper and write on it the word 7 times which is shown in this below image with Saffron Paste; using pointed stick and Wait some time for dried it up.
  6. After that  hold this piece of paper in your left hand and cover it with right hand.
  7. Concentrate on your hand and chant the above Vashikaran Mantra given here 170 times to infuse the paper with this mantra.

Now when you try to use this according to your need then at first you take a glass of drinking water and drop this energized paper on this glass water mix it. This energized water is  to be given to the person who is sought to be brought under an attraction spell.

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Ma Durga Pujan Bidhi

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Sacred Provides You the easy and proper steps to do Durga puja at your Home.
Direction To Perform Durga Puja -

Step -1.

At first purify your self- perform Atma Puja ’ for that in Meditation process chanting of the below mantra,
'' Om Apavitra, Pavitro va Sarvavastham Gatoapi Va
Ya Smrait Pundarika Aksham Sa Vay Abhyantarah Suchih ''

Explanation: Whoever contemplates upon Vishnu gets automatically purified, both mentally and physically.and  Apply Tilakam (Tilakaman is Sanskrit word, it mean in English is, an 'Auspicious mark on your forehead )

After that do ‘Achman’,

Achman’ drinking of holy water after accepting it in the palm of the hand, which helps to wash off the sins committed by action, thought and speech. The mantra runs as follows:

'' Om Keshavaya Namah ''
'' Om Narayanaya Namah ''
'' Om Mahadevaya Namah ''
'' Om Goviday Namah ''

Explanation: I bow to God Keshav, I bow to God Narayan, I bow to God Madhav, I bow to God Govind.

Step -2.  

Do Sankalp : To make a firm resolve (Sankalpa) to achieve the purpose of the ceremony. It is customary to take a little water in one’s hand and make resolve.

Step -3.
Perform Kalash Pujan ( Ghat-Sthapana ). After that before to Perform Durga Puja do Dhyanam. Dhyanam' is the Prayer or the Meditation process in which you should chant ''Durga Beej Mantra''.


Step -4.
Avahana (Invocation)
Invited God to come into the place of Idol. Whenever any guest come to our House we offer them Aasana in the same way before starting pujan you may offer Goddess Durga a New, clean, decorated Red cloth to be seated.This is Known as Avahana or Invocation. At the time of Invocation we should recite Durga Avhana Mantra.

'' Aagachha Tvam Mahadevi ! Sthane Chatra Sthira Bhav. 
Yavata Pujaam Karisyami Tavata Tvam Snidho Bhav.
Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha. Durgadevimaawahayami. 
Aawahanartheye Pushpaanjali Samarpayami.''
(Recite this above Mantra and Offer Flowers to Ma Durga)

Step -5.

After Dhyan and Prayer offer Aasana 
''Om sarvmangal mangaleye shivesarvaarth sadhike, 
Sharneye Traymbake gauri Narayani Namostute.
Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha. 
Aasanarthey Pushpani Samarpayami. ''

(Offer flowers)

6.Paadya (Washing of feet)
Now wash the feet of Maa Durga gently with 'Panchaamrit' after that pouring Water, and prayer as she gets sited.

7. Arghya (Washing of hands)
After prayer to Goddess Durga offer Water to wash her Hands, this is called ''Arghya Daan''

8. Aachamana (Pray for Drink Water)
Next step you Offer Drinking Water to Goddess Durga' that is known as Aachamana.
Achaman doing by chanting, '' Jal Samarprayaani ''

9. Snana (Bathing )
Wash Goddess Durga Idol with Panchamrit (Panchamrit is mixture wit five elements like, Milk, curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar,) then pouring water mixed with Sandal Powder.

Mantra to Chant,-
'' Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha Snanartham Jalam Samarpayami. ''

(offer Ganga Jal for Bath)
'' Snananga Aachaman Snanantey Punrachamaniyam Jalam Samarpayami. ''
(Offer water for aachman)

10.Vastra (Give New Cloths)
Offer New Clothes to Maa Durga which contains Chunari, Blouse Piece & Makeup Kit with Flowers and Garlands by chanting, Mantra -
''Shri Jagadambaye DurgaDevye Namha 
Vastropavastram Kanchukiyam ch Samarpayami. ''
(Offer sarees and other dress material etc.)

11.Yajnopavita (Sacred thread)
Offer Sacred Thread with Flowers and Akshathas with Sindur, Chandan, Loung, Mewa, Nariyal.
by chanting '' Yajnopavita Samarprayaani ''

12.Gandha Pushpa (Offering Sandal Paste and Flower)
Put Sandal Paste on forehead of Goddess Durga. Offer Flowers to Goddess Durga by chanting her 108 names and offer one flower of each name.

13. Deepam, Dhoopam ( Light a flame and Incense )
After offering Flowers, now en light Incense Stick to spread its fragrance and oil lamps for 'Light the world'.also this symbolize bringing of Light into Life.

14.Naibidyam (Offering Specially prepared food)
The Sweets, Fruits which are offer to Goddess Durga is known as Naivedyam.
Offer 'Naibidyam' by chanting, '' Naibidyam Samarprayaani ''

15.Tamboolam (Offering Betel Leafs and Betel Nuts)
Offer Betel leaves with betel nuts to Goddess Durga by chanting below words,....
'' Tamboolam Samarprayaani ''

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About Goddess Durgaa

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Goddess Durga is considered as ''Devi JagaDhatri'' it means, the Mother of the Universe, she has many incarnations, namely Parvati, Gouri, Ambika, Kali Chandi, and others reflect different aspects of her compassionate of ferocious nature.

In Hindu Mythology Devi Durga is worshiped in different forms of Shakti ( Power ). There are different reincarnations of Devi Durga include Dugaa, Kali, Parvati, Gauri, Uma, Chandi, Ambika, Lalita, Bhavani, Bhagvati, Java, Rajeshwari and other forms. The name “Durga” means the ‘invincible’ in Sanskrit. Devi Durga symbolizes freedom from all evils. The word Durga embodies freedom from all evils like injustice, cruelty, hatred, ego and other forms of pain and suffering. All the forms of Durga are worshipped in India.

In Hindu mythology the birth of Goddess Durga stems from the need to vanquish the demon Mahisasura. As legend has it, troubled by the atrocities commented by the demon Mahisasura, the Gods approached the three Supreme powers of the Universe, Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Mahesh (the destroyer). The energies from all three Gods combined to result in ‘Shakti’ or Durga. 

Her face was derived and looks like the face of Shiva, Durga' is called as ''Dashabhujaa'' Her arms (ten in number) were derived from the light of Lord Vishnu and Her legs form Lord Brahma. 

There are so many Gods also contributed to give their power to her to make combined power by offering Goddess 'Durgaa' their weapons. The weapons held by Durga are given to her by each of the Gods and symbolize the culmination of all the divine powers in her –

  • God of fire ''Agni Deva'' give his Missile power of 'Fire' to Goddess Durgaa.
  • God of wind, ''Varuna Deva'' contributed his Arrows,
  • Shiva’s trident or ’trishul’, 
  • Vishnu’s discus or ‘Sudarshana chakra’, 
  • Brahma’s Kamandalu, 
  • Indra’s thunderbolt, 
  • Kuber’s Ratnahar and other weapons given by different Gods. 

Goddess Durga’s image is both ferocious and compassionate in nature. Every aspect of Goddess Durga’s attire is reflective of your unyielding power and ‘Shakti’. Her regal attire and the fact that she rides a tiger or a lion symbolized power. The form of the demon Mahisasura symbolizes ego and ignorance. In fighting and slaying Mahisasura, Maa Durga depicts the win of Good over Evil.

This also suggested that Durga possesses all the weapons necessary to fight evil. The lotus in Durga’s hand is known as ‘pankaja’ and symbolizes the evolution of spirituality among the evils prevalent in this world. Goddess Durga also holds a conch in one of her hands which is known to produce the sound of ‘Om’, which is equivalent to the sound of God in Hinduism. The lion or tiger represents complete power and determination implying that these virtues are required to obtain victory over evil.

Goddess Durga offers hope to all her devotees and promises that if they submit to her and pray, she will help fight their vices like anger, greed, lust and ego and liberate them. She also reveal that in order to emerge ‘victorious’ one has to go through suffering and kill all negativities that are prevalent in the human form. The ultimate aim being to emerge as evolved spiritual beings, one with God.

According to another legend, Goddess’s Navratri Puja is symbolic of her coming from her husband, Shiva’s house, to Earth to visit her family. The start of the Durga Puja is also known as the awakening of the Goddess and special chants and shlokas are used to invoke her. The Goddess is seen with all her children – Ganesha, Kartikeya, Saraswati and Lakshmi.

After the nine days, Goddess Durga leaves for her husband’s abode to the Kailash Mountains and is bid farewell with much sorrow by her devotees.

Because of these legends, the image of Goddess is displayed in slightly different forms throughout India. The ancient idols at the temples also depict the Goddess with four or ten arms, riding a lion or seated on a lotus and holding weapons and a lotus or a rosary in her hands. The image of the Goddess also varies with her different appellations.

1.  Ma Durga Puja Vidhi

5.   Durga Mantra

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goddess Durdaa Mantra For Give Pushpanjali

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Shri Jagadambaye Durga-Devye Namha Mantrapushpanjalim Samarpayami

Om Yagyen Yagya Maya Jant Devaastaani
Dharmaani Prathmaa Nyaasan. 

Om Katyayanyai Vidmahey Kanyakumaryai Dhimohee,
Tanno Durgaa Prachodayaat..
Om Vakra Tundaaye Vidmahey Ek DantaayeDhimohee,
Tanno Danti Prachodayaat.
Om Nah Nah Sugandhi Pushpaani Ritu Kaalo Bhawanee Cha
Pushpaanjali Maryaadatta Grihaan Parmeshwari.


Ya Devi Sarvabhutesu Matri rurupen Sansthita,
Namastasyye Namastasyye Namastasyye Namo Namah.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mount of Jupiter in Palmistry

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When we cast a glance on the palm of the hand then at place pit like or raised spots are visible. These raised spots signify a planet in particular. These are known by the name of Mounts. In the base of the Index finger (first finger), which is also called the fore finger, is called Mount of Jupiter or place of the Jupiter.

Many times we have seen a nice elevation on the mount area in the palm and it appears that a certain mount is well developed, but in reality the basic qualities attributed to that mount are not seen in the individual.  If the point is at its place then all the qualities attributed to the mount will be present in the individual. If the focal point of the mount has shifted then either mixed qualities will be found or the qualities of that particular mount will be reduced or lessened.

Detailed  Explanation of mount Jupiter.

Mount of Jupiter signifies various type of qualities like will power, dignity, prestige,feeling of superiority, self honor, administrative capabilities, religiousness, desire of getting to a high post leadership. It also affection in the family happiness of wife, son grand son, discipline etc.

If Mount Jupiter is exalted more on an individual then he is well built, of medium to heavy physique, fair complexion, has seriousness,and one having an influential voice. There is an easy natural smile in their eyes.

Mount Jupiter dominated people give preference to position in comparison to money and apart from being ambitious are inclined in giving advice and instruction. These people especially love their family and wish to work within the limits (ambit) of the law. They do not like playing with the law.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mount of Jupiter :

1. If the mount Jupiter is developed, is beautiful in appearance then the individual apart from being of a self respecting nature is also ambitious. He likes only those tasks on which he has a monopoly. He takes interest in the field of politics and literature and maintains his domination in sports, business or professional fields which ever has come his way. In the event of it Mount Jupiter being over developed the individual turns out to be arrogant, ostentation loving and one who spends on false pomp and slow. Feelings of envy is in him and he does not miss any opportunity of letting down (degrading) others.

2. If along with Jupiter, the area (Mount) of Venus is also developed then the person as per his wishes achieves success in marital and love relations.

3. If Mount Jupiter is developed then the Capacity of giving sermons, speech is good. He becomes a social worker, benevolent or a political leader. He considers it his sacred duty to give advice and this quality of his is praised all around. He stands by his advice (statement) and also receives co-operation from the women class.

4. If the Jupiter Mount is subdued then the basic qualities related to it (Mount Jupiter) are unable to develop. The individual instead of haring an interest in religion has a feeling of misting towards it, and ambitious and qualities of leadership are not able to develop and also brings about a reduction in feelings of respect and honour towards elders.

5. If apart from Mount Jupiter being developed the fingers are also pointed then a special interest in mystical and astrological studies is created in an individual.

6. If Mount Jupiter is flat (plain / leveled) and not developed then the individual is of a doubtful nature. Feelings of realizing one’s self interest exist and one has more of erotic feelings in the mind.

7. If the Mount Jupiter slips down wards then the individual is unable to succeed in his goals and forms a habit of taking hasty decisions and one can get an illegal tash fulfilled through him by giving an alleirement of bribe.

8. If Mount Jupiter is semi developed then the individual dislikes the interference of others in any of his affairs and is sentimental, but he has the capacity to adapt according to the situation (circumstances).

Signs on mount Jupiter & its Effects :

Triangle : If a triangle exists on Mount Jupiter and is perfect then that person is always a diplomat and is one who is desirous of his progress. If the triangle is imperfect then the person is selfish and arrogant .

Cross : If there is a sign of a cross on Mount Jupiter then the individual is one who does his work after giving a proper thought and is one who leads a comfortable life. He gets special wealth from his in laws and his wife is also educated. His family (domestic) life is also peaceful.

Circle : If the circle is situated on Mount Jupiter then the person is influential and succeeds in acquiring a high post through his efforts. Such a person gets a lot of co-operation from his in-laws.

Island : If the sign of the island exists on Mount Jupiter then such a person does not have trust in himself and he lacks in self confidence.

Square : Presence of square on Mount Jupiter is considered very auspicious. Such a person, in spite of being born in an ordinary family reaches to a very high post. Is a successful administrator and moreover his fame spreads all over the world and he gets a lot of respect and honour.

Mesh (Net) : A mesh (or a net) sign on Mount of Jupiter has been indicating inauspicious result. If the mesh (net) is located on Mount Jupiter then that individual is cruel by nature and does not have feelings of compassion in him. He is selfish and arrogant

Star : If the auspicious sign of a personals constellation on Mount Jupiter is clear, distinct and flawless then the individual is highly ambitious and attains great success. That individual is definitely a high official and is very affable in the society and is also hospitable .

Spot : Generally spots shows in 4 color like, Red, Yellow, White and Black.White spots signify the character in general progressive minded, Red spots are the indicators of diseases, like asthma and Yellow color spots signify the deficiency of blood. Black color spots are indicator of insufficient of wealth.

If any Black mole is shown on Mount Jupiter then obstacles in marriage arise in persons life .That individual has to bear the blame in the field of love in the society and such a person does not achieve full success in life.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Islamic Mantra for Enemy Removing

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Everyone has some enemies in their life and all enemies may be a big resistance in your success. All enemies are very harmful for us, they can be injured mentally or physically to us.  By these enemies you are getting unnecessary problems, then this Islamic mantra to kill the enemy is helping you, can be free from all enemies by using this mantra. This ‘Islamic mantra to kill enemy’ is very powerful or strong mantra that destroys all your enemies defiantly from your life. You can get all your success by using this mantra which is stopping by your enemies.

This is a simple, yet effective Muslim Enemy Removing Islamic Mantra, which is operate like more famous and popular Hindu Uchchatan Mantra.

Mantra -

'' Sa Yuhajamool  Jamaau Va Yuballuna

Doobaraa  Abajad Havaj Hoti ''

Procedure For Mantra Sadhana -
According to Islamic Tantra there are no particular procedure for this 'Mantra Siddhi' for that you can utilized it without having to master in this Mantra. But it is essential that you should well memorized above Mantra words before utilized it. This is one of most powerful Islamic Mantra like Voodoo Mantra Spell. 

Note - Without Guru And Without Faith No Sadhana Gets Completed.

If you hard to need to utilized it then You can be carried out your experiment on any day but best-way to start any auspicious Islamic Day. For this procedure at first you has to take a fistful of ASH in Your right hand and looking at the ASH and concentrated. Close your eyes and whispering above Mantra once and then blow the ASH in the direction of Your enemy / enemies House. This Procedure has to be done just once .

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Islamic Vashikaran Yantra For Multi Purpose

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This is an most powerful Islamic Multipurpose Yantra, just like a Hindu Sarva Siddhi Yantra, 
Vashikaran Yantra or Mantra is used to controlling someone's whole body or mind. This Yantra is include magnetic attraction in her mind to bring her in your life. When you see any beautiful girl and you have desire to get her, from using this Yantra you can get success. This Yantra is work only in good intention.

Procedure to Make -
  1. Start procedure to make this Yantra in any auspicious day according to Islamic calender.
  2. After bath wear fresh cloth also cover your head (Hair) with a piece of white cloth.
  3. This Yantra will drawn on a white piece of paper. for that collect a clean white writing paper
  4. The ink used for writing it should be a mixture of rose water and Saffron. 
  5. For drawing this Yantra use any pointed wooden stick.
  6. Siting in a silent place draw image in a white paper with the mixer of Rose water and Saffron paste looks like above Yantra.
After you prepared this Yantra you should offer some Loban or Incense to the Yantra by keeping the Yantra in front of the Loban and prayer to God for fulfill your wish.

Once you completed all of above procedure then the Yantra has to be folded and inserted this Yantra under a Tabez or Metal Locket and worn like a Charm.Yantra will worn around your right upper arm.

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Festival Ganesh chaturthi

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Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated as it is the Birthday of Lord Ganesha. The festival is starting on the shukla chaturthi, fourth day of the waxing moon period in the 'Month of Bhaadrapada, according to Hindu calendar.Typically, the day usually falls between 20 August and 20 September. The festival are celebrate for 10 days, ending on Anant Chaturdashi . This festival is observed in the lunar month of bhadrapada shukla paksha chathurthi madhyahana vyapini purvaviddha.

The story of Lord Ganesha's existence and his Elephant-headed form is quite enthralling. While taking bath 'Devi Parvati' often asked Nandi to guard the door  and order him do not allow anyone pass through the door but Nandi being the Supreme devotee of Lord Shiva wouldn't stop the Lord from entering. This is why Parvati infused life in the form of a little boy by rubbing dust and oil from her own body and christened him her son. The son of Devi guarded the door and did not even let Lord Shiva pass through the door. Enraged at the little boy's disobedience and unknown to who he was Lord Shiva in his rage fought the child. The boy fought bravely but in the process Shiva severed his neck.

Requirements for Ganesh Puja -
  1. A Clay image of Lord Ganesha.
  2. Red flowers
  3. Druva Grass blades
  4. Coconut
  5. 21 Modak (Modak is the favourite food of Lord Ganesh)
  6. Pack Of Agarbattis (Incence Sticks)
  7. Betel Leaf & Supari (Betel nut)
  8. Janahav (Cotton String worn by Hindus)
  9. Cotton packet (Used for making cotton wicks)
  10. Abir (Black powder used for applying tilak)
  11. Gulal (Red powder used for applying tilak)
  12. Stick of Sandalwood (Used in making sandalwood paste)
  13. Packet Of Camphor
  14. Pouch Of Dhoop (Natural extract from trees)

Lord Ganesh Pooja :-
Place the idol of Lord Ganesh on the altar after taking bath in the morning. Sit comfortably, fold your hand in namaste, close your eyes and chant ;Om' slowly three times.After that you can start Ganesh Puja. For 'Ganesh puja you follow the procedure in below link..............

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Islamic Yantra - 2 for Girl Vashikaran

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This is one more of the Islamic Vashikaran Yantra is a way to bring your love by attracting towards you. Vashikaran Yantra is used to have someone under your control. This yantra is used to attract the anyone you desire and bring him under your influence.  This yantra is a poweful tool that is used to attract someone you love. Every person want to get to his love. But some unwanted problems  he don’t get to his love. From using vashikaran mantra he can get his love. This Yantra has many effectives and benefits. This yantra should not be used for negative intentions. This vashikaran Yantra is used in many ways such as gaining love etc. Vashikaran Yantra has a guidelines for using it. This Yantra / Naqsh is somewhat similar to the earlier Yantra in my post and is believed to give the same results.

Before prepare this Yantra, you should have collect a piece of cloth belonging to the girl, one that should have been worn or used by the girl. If you do not have such a piece of cloth, then you should   try to make other ones given on this site.

Procedure to make this Yantra....
  • The Yantra has to be prepared on any auspicious Islamic day or any Friday.
  • Yantra should be drawn like above image on a small piece of the cloth belonging to the girl. 
  • It has to be drawn with a pointed stick, 
  • Using the ink of Saffron Water. and dry it up.
  • After this, the Yantra has to be rolled like a wick 
  • and used this wick to lit an earthen lamp, which filled with any kind of fragrances oil.

Remember when you light the lamp, the lit wick of earthen lam should be facing in the direction of the house of the girl whom you wishes to put under your Vashikaran Spell. This spell. Procedure should be tried just once.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

About Rudrakhsa

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If Someone seriously need to come out of unwanted habits and live a life of purity, He can wear Rudraksha's and may find themselves free soon after wearing it . This has happened to many. It may happen to you also, if you will strongly.Rudraksha power is more than any gems, yantra, tantra, mantra and Jantra.

Rudraksha must be worn after Sidhhi or energized it (method of purification and energized with Mantra), performing the prayers and ritual rites for its sanctification and Hawanet etc. It should be worn on any auspicious day, Monday or Thursday.

Procedure to wear one face (Ek Mukhi) to Fourteen face (Chouda Mukhi)  Rudraksha.

  • Sit in silent place,or in a temple, wear fresh wash dress,. 
  • At first select your Rudraksha accoding to your Birth Chart and clean your rudraksha with Holy ganges water or pure cow milk. Now keep this Rudraksha in your left palm and cover it with your right palm.
  • Concentrated in your palm and chant below mantra according to face of Rudraksha. 
  • Performing the prayers and ritual rites for its sanctification and Hawanet. 
  • It should be worn on auspicious day, Monday or Thursday.
Mantra -
  • 01.  '' OM HREEM NAMAH ''
  • 02.  '' OM NAMAH ''
  • 03.  '' OM KLEEM NAMAH ''
  • 04.  '' OM HREEM NAMAH ''
  • 05.  '' OM HREEM NAMAH ''
  • 06.  '' OM HREEM HROOM NAMAH ''
  • 07.  '' OM HROOM NAMAH ''
  • 08.  '' OM HROOM NAMAH ''
  • 09.  '' OM HREEM HROOM NAMAH ''
  • 10.  '' OM HREEM NAMAH ''
  • 11.  '' OM HREEM HROOM NAMAH ''
  • 12.  '' OM HUM HREEM NAMAH
  • 14.  '' OM NAMO NAMAH

Some important tips to remember for wearing Rudrakhsa -
  • 1. Before wear always touch with Shiv ling and prayer to lord Shiva.
  • 2. Do not ever holds Rudrakhsa with profanity. Devotion and chastity holds itself. Unbreakable faith and belief to hold fruit.
  • 3. Always wearing Rudrakhsa the odd number like. 1, 3, 5, 7, ... numbers.
  • 4. Never wear Rudrakhsa with black threads, always wear with Red, yellow or white thread. Best to wear with Gold or Silver chain.
  • 5. Try to feed vegetarian diet, avoid  meat, garlic, onion, drumstick, lisoda etc.
  • 6. Rudrakhsa always to wear in neck, never to wear below navel.
  • 7. Rudrakhsa must not be taken to the cremation grounds and funerals. Also it must not be taken to the place while visiting a new born baby.
  • 8. Women must not wear the Rudrakhsa during their menstrual cycle.
  • 9. Always keep the Rudrakhsa oiled... After regular cleaning, oil the bead and treat it with incense. This is of UTMOST importance. especially when not using the bead for sometime, or storing it for a while
  • 10. Never wear the Rudrakhsa while having sex.

Astrological Remedy with Rudraksha -
  • One face Rudrakhsa (Ekmukhi) symbolizes the Star ''Sun'', Rudrakhsa destroy the family problems.
  • Two faces Rudrakhsa (Diimukhi) symbol of ''Moon'', Two faces Rudrakhsa recover malefic Moon .
  • Three faces Rudrakhsa (Traymukhi) is the symbol of Mars, exalted Mars make persons brave, persons are higher will power.
  • A four pronged Rudrakhsa symbolizing the planet Mercury. It increase memory power.
  • Five-fold Rudrakhsa is the icon of planet Jupiter. positive effect of Jupiter make persons higher educated.
  • Six faces Rudrakhsa (Shashthamukhi) symbol of Venus . Venus is the Lord of Love,.
  • Seven faces Rudrakhsa (Saptammukhi) symbol of Saturn .
  • Eight faces Rudrakhsa (Ashtamukhi) signifies ' Rahu'.
  • Nine faces Rudrakhsa (Navmamukhi) signifies planet Ketu.
  • Ten faces Rudrakhsa (Dashmamukhi) ' working as all sinners like,Rahu-Ketu, Saturn-Mars.
  • Eleven faces Rudrakhsa (Ekadshamukhi) ' control entire planets of Zodiac, Tantric resolves defects.
  • Twelve faces Rudraksha (Dvadshamukhi rudraksh) ' symbolized the entire force of the Sun.
  • Thirteen faces Rudrakhsa (Trayodshamukhi) correct physical debility Rudrakhsa generated kapurush-economic potential.

Rudrakhsa holding good mahurt ...

Any  full Moon night,Dewali, Shiv Ratra Day, Dashera, Eclipse period, Guru Pushya, Sun Pushya jog,

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