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Monday, August 17, 2015

Islamic mantra to attract Higher authority for achieve success

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This is one of most secret Islamic Attraction Mantra to achieve success in employees and business persons. This Islamic Mantra Have a secret vibration to attract higher authorities in Government Services or other powerful persons under your spell of attraction and for that you gets favour to achieve success.

Mantra -

'' Bismillah dana kulahoo allah yagaanaa dil hai sakt tum ho daanaa,

Haamaare bich Falaane ko karo diwaanaa ''

The procedure of Siddhi ( mastery ) for this Attraction Mantra as follows—

  1. For best results You can do this Sadhana in any auspicious day according to Islamic Calender.
  2. Collect fresh and clean 41 cotton seeds.
  3. Keep 1 cotton seeds in your left palm and cover it with right palm.
  4. concentrate in your hand and chant above Mantra and keep this seed in a pot.
  5. Repeat this procedure 41 times until every seeds will energized ( Abhimintrit )
  6. Then throw all the seeds into the fire.

If you doing this all as above procedure, you will make the person in authority come under your spell of attraction within 7 days.

Note – In places of the word’ Falaane’ you should replaced the person name whom you wish to attract.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nardaya Videshan Mantra

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Videshan Mantras are used to create fight, hot arguments or great misunderstandings between the two persons. It begets adverse effects of Vashikaran, hate and ultimately separation of two individuals. Videshan is particularly used to get rid of an enemy. It should not be used to meet our malefic demands related to marriage, divorce or more.

Some Videshan shabar mantras are being given here for your uses. Please use them for the welfare of humanity and yourself.

The shastras have however permitted the use of these mantras for self protection.

Some Videshan shabar mantras are being given here for your uses. Please use them for the welfare of humanity and yourself.


"Om namo Nardaya

Amukasaya Amukhem Seh Vedeshan Kuru Kuru Swaha"

This mantra must be recited  10 lac times with in  21 days. Change the Name of person in place of the words Amukasaya and Amukem  in the mantra. After that purify the articles, which are use for Videshan with this above Mantra 108 times and use them.


 "ओम नमो नरदया 

अमुकश्य  अमुकेम से वेद्देशन कुरु कुरु स्वहा " 

इस मंत्र २१ दिन में १०,००००० बार जप करना होगा। अमुकश्य  और अमुकेम, शब्दों के स्थान में व्यक्ति का नाम लेना होगा।

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