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Friday, July 31, 2015

Durgaa Shakti and Her Power Of Weapons

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Goddess Shakti Ma Durgaa' the Feminine power was created by the culmination of energies of all the GodsFeminine power of Maa Durga was mainly created to destroy the tyranny caused by the Kind of Asuras (demons) Mahisasura. The slaying of Mahisasura symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

After creating the Feminine power of Goddess Shakti all the gods then gifted the goddess with their weapons and other divine objects to help her in her battle with the demon, Mahishasura

  • Lord Shiva gave her a trident ( Trishul ). 
  • Lord Vishnu gave her a disc ( Sudarshan Chakra ) 
  • Varuna Dev gave her a conch and noose, 
  • Agni Dev gave her a spear. 
  • Vayu Dev contribute His arrows. 
  • Indra Dev, gave her a Thunderbolt, and  his white-skinned elephant Airavata also a bell
  • From God Yama the god of death, she received a sword and shield, 
  • Vishwakarma, The God of Architecture, contributes an axe and armor
  • The God of Mountains, Himalay gifted her with Jewels and a Lion to ride on. 

Goddess Shakti Durga was also received many other precious gifts, like clothing, and a garland of immortal lotuses for her head and breasts.

Feminine power Goddess Durga’s image symbolizes power, divinity as well as compassion for her devotees. Her ten arms symbolizes that she protects her devotees from all directions. 

Maa Durga is popularly seen holding different weapons in her ten hands along with a lotus flower and conch. Each of the weapons holds special significance.

  • 1. The trishul or trident is symbolic of the three human qualities – 
  • Satwa - It means inactivity or the ideal state of mind characterized by awareness and purity of thought, 
  • Rajas - It means that energy associated with desires ambitions wishes and 
  • Tamas - It means that lethargy and stress to attain peace and happiness, 
  • 2. Sudarshana chakra’ ( Discus ), spins around the Goddess’s index finger, which denotes that the whole world spins around her and she is commander of all that is happening. These weapons can also be used to destroy evil.
  • 3. Goddess Durga also holds a sword in her hand, signifying knowledge, as sharp as the blade of the sword that is free from all doubts, depicted by the sheen of the metal sword. The bow and arrows held by the Goddess symbolize energy, both potential (bow) and arrow (kinetic).
  • 4.  The power of 'Thunderbolt' in her hand symbolizes firmness, which required in convictions. This conveys to the devotees that they need to attack their fears and challenge it with a firmness that is unyielding and full of confidence.
  • 5.  The Goddess also holds a Conch and Lotus flower in her hands. The conch emanated the sound of ‘Om’, the Sound of God which should be the dominant sound at all times. 
  • 6.  The Lotus Bud in her hand means that the out of the world of murkiness emerges the truth of life and that her devotees can achieve spiritual awareness amidst all the sins and evils surrounding them.

The message that Goddess Durga gives us is that armed with the force of righteousness, we can achieve the victory of all the demonic forces inside us and reach spiritual heights to become one with God.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Islamic Vashikaran Mantra with sweets

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In Islamic tantra this is one of most powerful Vashikaran Mantra which infuses with sweets (Mithai). Vashikaran mantra is a way to bring your love by attracting towards you. Vashikaran mantra is used to have someone under your control. This Islamic Mantra is used to attract the anyone you desire and bring him under your influence. This Mantra has many effects and benefits. Remember Mantra should not be used for negative intentions. This vashikaran mantra is used in many ways such as gaining love etc. Vashikaran mantra has a guidelines for using it.

Mantra -

'' Bihakki Aayaakaa Na-aabudoo Va Aayaakaa Nastaenu 

Sah-Aah “Falaan Binta Fallan” Durshada ''

Procedure – 

  1. Always do this Procedure in any auspicious day according to Islamic Calender.
  2. After bath wear a fresh washed cloths.Keep a cloth upon head or wear a cap.
  3. Keep some sweets in your right hand, and chant above Mantra' 108 times for infuses and binds the 'sweets' with this mantra.

Note- In above mantra in places of the word ''Falaan Binta Fallan” you has to chant the name of the girl / boy and her father.
For exam -  'Girl / Boy name is to be replaced in place of the word 'Falaan' and Father name is in place of 'Fallan'.

After completed the procedure all sweets ( Mithai) is ready for use as a Vashikaran Item and it has to be given to the girl / boy who is brought under a Love spell. 

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Maa Durga Aarti

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Maa Durga who is worshiped in all states of India with great respect and enthusiasm. She symbolizes the eternal ever-existent mother.
The word 'Aarti' comes from the Sanskrit word AratrikaHindu religious ritual of worship, a part of puja, in which light from wicks soaked in ghee (purified butter) or camphor is offered to one or more deities. Aartis also refer to the songs sung in praise of the deity, when lamps are being offered.

Arati -
Jay Ambe Gouri, Maiya Jay Shyama Gouri,
Nis Din Tumko Dhyaavat, Hari Brahma Shivri.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Maang Sindoor Biraajat, Teeko Mragmadko,
Ujjval Se Dou Naina, Chandravadan Neeko.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Kanak Samaan Kalevar, Raktaambar Raaje,
Rakt Pushp Gal Mala, Kanthan par Saaje.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Kehari Vaahan Raajat, Khadg Khappar Dhaari,
Sur Nar Munijan Sevat, Tinke Dukhhaari.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Kaanan Kundal Shobhit, Naasaagre Moti,
Kotik Chandr Divaakar, Raajat Sam Jyoti.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Shumbh-Nishumbh Vidaare, Mahishasur Ghaati,
Dhumravilochan Naina, Nisdin Madmaati.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Chand-Mund Sanhaare, Shonit Beej Hare,
Madhu-Kaitabh Dou Maare, Sur Bhayheen Kare.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Brahmaani, Rudraani, Tum Kamala Raani,
Aagam-Nigam Bakhaani, Tum Shiv Patraani.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Chaunsath Yogini Mangal Gaavat, Nratya Karat Bhairoo,
Baajat Taal Mradanga, Aru Baajat Damroo.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Tum Ho Jag Ki Maata, Tum Hi Ho Bharta,
Bhaktan Ki Dukh Harta, Sukh Sampati Karta.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Bhuja Chaar Ati Shobhit, Var Mudra Dhaari,
Manvaanchhit Phal Paavat, Sevat Nar Naari.
Om Jay Ambe Gouri.
Kanchan Thaal Viraajat, Agar Kapoor Baati,
Maalketu Men Raajat, Koti Ratan Jyoti.
Om Jay Ambe Gauri.
Shri Ambe Ji Ki Aarti, Jo Koi Nar Gaave,
Kahat Shivanand Swami, Sukh Sampatti Paave.
Jay Ambe Gouri, Maiya Jay Shyaama Gauri
Nis Din Tumko Dhyaavat, Hari Brahma Shivri.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Islaamic Attraction Mantra with Sweets

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Attraction / Vashikaran mantra is a way to bring your love by attracting towards you. This  is used to attract the anyone you desire and bring him under your influence. Every person want to get to his love. But some unwanted problems  he don’t get to his love. From using Vashikaran Mantra he can get his love. This mantra has many effectives and benefits. This mantra should not be used for negative intentions. This vashikaran mantra is used in many ways such as gaining love etc. 

This is a Shaabri Muslim Attraction Mantra, for that, mantra can be practiced by anyone, there is no restriction .

Mantra -

'' Bismillaaye Har Rahaman Veer Rahim

Almousi Hi Ballari ''

Procedure for Mantra Siddhi -

For acquire Siddhi ( mastery) You has to recited this above Mantra daily 108 times for continuous 40 days. After 40 days whenever you wish to use it to attract someone, you need to keep some sweets, in your hand and recite this mantra 7 times and every time after completing recitation blow your breath into the sweets in your hand,for energized sweets with this mantra.Then give that sweets to that person you wish to attract to eat. In short period you feel that the person comes under your spell of attraction.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Durga-Gayatri Mantra

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Durga-Gayatri Mantra I


  '' Om Mahasulinyai Vidmahe Mahadurgayai Dheemahi, 

Tanno Bhagavatee Prachodayat

दुर्गा गायेत्री मंत्र -१

'' ॐ महासूलिण्याई विधमोहे महादुर्गायाई ढीमोही,

तन्न भगबती प्रोचोदयात ''

Durga-Gayatri Mantra II


Om Katyayanyai Vidmahe Kanyakumaryai Dheemahi, 

Tanno Durga Prachodayat.

दुर्गा गायेत्री मंत्र - २

'' ॐ कात्यायन्यई विधमोहे कन्याकुमार्यई ढीमोही,

तन्न दुर्गा प्रोचोदयात ''

Durga-Gayatri Mantra III

  Om Mahasulinyai Vidmahe Mahadurgayai Dheemahi,

 Tanno Bhagavatee Prachodayat ''

दुर्गा गायेत्री मंत्र - ३

'' ॐ महादेवोई च विधमोहे विष्णु पत्नी च ढीमोही,

तन्न लक्ष्मी प्रोचोदयात ''

Durga-Gayatri Mantra IV

'' Om mohishmorddini cha Vidmahe Durgayoi cha Dheemahi, 

Tanno Devi Prachodayat.''

दुर्गा गायेत्री मंत्र - ३

'' ॐ महादेवोई च विधमोहे विष्णु पत्नी च ढीमोही,

तन्न लक्ष्मी प्रोचोदयात ''

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