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Friday, June 26, 2015

Drishti Stambhan Mantra for Success

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'Stambhan' is a 'Sanshkrit' word  it mean 'To Stop Someone'. In Tantra Stambhan Mantras are used to stop someones evil spells. supposed to be cast on you or your family from any where. In Vedic Tantra there are so many types 'Stambhan Mantra' and also there are some Stambhan mantras which are used for mankind to get success or protection in different respects. To day in this post publishing one Stambhan mantras for the welfare of mankind. You can use them accordingly as per your need.

This Stambhan Mantra to spell bound the people to persuade them for success.

Mantra -
Om namoh kaal bhairo ghanghra wala
haath khadag phulo ki mala
chausath sau yogin sang me chola
dekho kholi nazar ka taala
raja praja dhyave tohi
Sabki Drishti Bandhi De Mohe
Mai Pujau Tumko Nit Dhyay
Bhari Athaai Sumiro Tohi
Tera Keeya Sab Kuchh Hoy
Dekhu Bhairon Tere Mantra ki Shakti
Chale Mantra Ishwaro Vacha.

Procedure: – At first in any night go to your nearest cemetery ground (Shamshaan) and collect a little bit ash from there.Worship Lord Bhairo at home. Read this mantra 21 times and get the ash energized. Go to the place, where the people will come i.e. a hall, meeting room or ground etc. and blow it in the atmosphere there chanting this mantra again. All the people will get spellbound and agree with you.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting Married and Looking for a Happy Married Life ?

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Remember that this remedy to be done at the time of marriage only .

This is the one of most important and  effective remedy for a Happy Married Life

In any Marriage Ceremony when the parents of the girl giving the hand of their daughter in boy's (Groom) hand, this work is known as Kanyadaan, and at that time Parents should also keep two square silver pieces must be equal weight (Weight doesn't matter) offer in their daughter's hands. The bride should take those two pieces with her to her new home.

 After a day or two or as per the convenience the newly wedded couple should go to a river or canal (running water) and offer one of the silver pieces in the water together. The other silver piece should be kept at home always. It should never be sold. 

This silver piece will save the couple from many of the life's troubles. It will also save the house from thefts.

What is Mantra?

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Definitions of Mantra -

Mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation" They are mystical formulas that may be recited or sung and are often repeated many times.

The Words create subtle sound vibration, which through repetition aims at expanding one's awareness or consciousness.

In our ancient scripture we find that,''speech is the essence of humanity”.All our ideas and creativity remain unnaturalized without they are shaped through the power of speech. Everything comes into being through the power of words.

Various sounds have diverse effects on human consciousness. If a soft sound of wind rustling through leaves soothes our nerves, the musical note of running stream captivates our heart; similarly thunders may cause fright and fear. The proper chanting of Sanskrit Mantras grants us with the power to accomplish our goals and elevate ourselves from the ordinary to the higher level of consciousness. Chanting of mantra bestows the power to heal; ward off evils; gain wealth; acquire supernatural powers; worship a deity for exalted communion and for attaining blissful state and attain liberation.

In Hinduism Buddhism, Tantric practices mantra signifies as a prerequisite for spiritual growth and high attainment. Here I point out some important thoughts about mantra, which will facilitate you to begin a realistic understanding of what mantra is and what it can do.

Mantras are energy-based sounds. Saying any word always generates some definite physical vibration. We know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is intent. Actual physical vibration when coupled with a mental intention, the vibration then contains an additional mental component, which influences the result of saying it. The intent when overlaid upon the waveform of the sound as the carrier wave. Although there is a general meaning, which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantra.

Mantras should be chanted under the expert guidance like ( Guru ). Cool mind,faith, and strong will power,are essential for the chanter of Mantras. Once you are free from all worries and have achieved stability in mind and body, you will get maximum benefit through the recitation of Mantras Power. You must have a definite object in view and a strong will power to obtain the desired objective, and then direct that will to achieve the goal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mantra to attract women

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This is a specific Vashikaran or Attraction Mantra which is used to attract women. The Siddhi over this Mantra is attained during the period of an Eclipse, either Solar or Lunar.The mantra has to be recited 10,000 times to acquire Siddhi during this period.The specific dates can be confirmed by checking with a Hindu calendar or a Panchang.

Mantra -

" Om kumbhni swaha ''

After Siddhi take a scented flower and Abhimintrit [bind] the flower by reciting the mantra 108 times while holding the flower in your hand.

After that give the flower to the woman you wish to attract to smell. This will bring the woman under your spell of attraction.

This is give for information purposes; I do not practice or advocate the use of such methods.

Note - Without Guru And Without Faith No Sadhana Gets Completed.

Always follow the procedure as mention 

Sabar Attraction Mantra

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This is one more Attraction Mantra from the Vashikaran branch of the Hindu mantras which is practiced to attract women.The Siddhi [mastery] procedure of this mantra is the same as the previous one. It has to be recited 10,000 times during the period of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse otherwise any auspicious day like Diwali, Holy, Shiv Ratri.

Mantra -

'' Om kamini ranjni swaha ''

मंत्र -  

" ॐ कामिनी रंजनि स्वाहा "

After acquiring Siddhi, when you need to utilized it to bring a particular woman under your spell of attraction or to attract some one for achieves great position in your career the Mantra has to be written on her palm either on a Sunday, Tuesday or a Thursday.

Note - Without Guru And Without Faith No Sadhana Gets Completed.

always follow the procedure mention Here

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sabar Vashikaran Mantra

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This is one of  Super Power unique Vashikaran Experiment to attract and bring a woman under your spell of attraction.

Siddhi [mastery] has to be obtained on the day of any Eclipse Solar or Lunar by reciting the Attraction Mantra 10,000 times.

Note – the word ‘Amuk / Amuki ’ has to be replaced with the name of the Man / Woman you wish to attract.

Mantra -

'' Om Namo katvikat Ghor Rupini 

Amuk / Amukime Vashmanaya Swahaa ''

Then after obtaining Siddhi on a Sunday before lunch you have to Abhimintrit [bind] the food items in your plate by reciting this above mantra 108 times. Then while having your lunch you have to take the name of the woman as many times as possible.

There are many kinds of strange Vashikaran Experiments; I am giving them here for information purposes only.

Note - Without Guru And Without Faith No Sadhana Gets Completed.

Always follow the procedure as mention

Monday, June 22, 2015

Islamic Mantra for remove obstacles

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This mantra is similar to 'Shabar' Mantra in Hindu Tantra Vidya. This is most powerful Muslim Mantra for remove all kinds of obstacles in your daily life, You can including paranormal ones, from the home, office, business place or the shop.  The Mantra which is from the Islamic Mantra of the Hindu Shabar Vidya, is said to remove obstacles both seen and unseen for the vicinity of the place, where the rite given below is performed and from the vicinity of the practitioner.

Procedure for this Mantra Sadhana – 

At first you need to make or buy 4 dolls which is made with cotton and cloths, Dolls must be looking like a human, having hands, feet, eyes etc. You also need some of Loban- Dhoop, which is offered to the 4 cloth dolls during Mantra chant.

Now chant this Muslim Mantra given bellow 108 times and blow your breath over the 4 dolls once for energized it and after Mantra Sadhana kept this 4 dolls in the 4 corners of your office, home or shop.


'' Oum Namo Saat Samudra Ke Beech Sheela, Jis Par Suleman Paigambar Baitha,
Purva Ko Dhaayaa Dev Danovoko Bandhi Laayaa | 
Dusra Muvaakkil Paschim Ko Dhaayaa , Bhoot- Pret Koo Baandhi Laayaa .
Teesra Muvaakkil Uttar Ko Dhaayaa , Ayut Pitri Ko Baandhilaayaa . 
Choutha Muvaakkil Dakshin Ko Dhaayaa , Daakini Shaakini Ko Pakad Laayaa .
Chaar Muvaakkil Chhum Dishi Dhaavem , Chhalaachhidra Kou Rahan Na Pawem . 
Rog Dosh Ko Door Bhagavem , Shabd Saanchaa , Pind Kaachaa .
.Furo Mantra Ishwaro Vaachaa '' .

After energized the 4 dolls and placed it, You should continue chant the mantra minimum 21 times daily, until such a time when you feels complete relief. The dolls can be kept in there same place. If you feels complete relief, then the dolls have to be immersed in flowing water.

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How to Calculate Your Coming Month would be ?

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                                           the Sun's

In numerology it is easy to calculate how your coming month would be ? For that calculation you need only Your Date of Birth, Number of current Months and the Number of Month after one's last Birth date. Suppose your birth date is 16.09.1980 and the current month is June 2015. You have to add numbers. In this post I am trying to describe it with example.

Procedure of calculation -

Here we find Person's Date of Birth is 16.09.1980 and the current month is June 2015.

You have to add.-

                                              Birth date = 16

                                                    Month = 09

                                                       Year = 1980

                              No. of Current month = 06

   No. of month after your last birth date = 09
                                                        Total = 2020

Reduce this total in a single digit .i.e. ( 2+0+2+0 ) = 4

Thus the month may would be No. 4 for you.

Signification of Numbers are as under -

No. 1 as month :
Number One indicate Good month for new business and new associates. It is time to concentrate on buying and selling your products,increase your trade. Do some advertising and creative work for profit. Leadership bring success.

Your heart will be full of joy and contentment, but try to avoid spending on other people lavishly. Social success will give you happiness and popularity. Take blessing from your father and start your project you will definitely get success in it. A new strength will arise with in you. No. 1 denotes the opening of the new cycle.

No. 2 month :
This is the month of co-operation to start any project. A friendship may blossom into a romance or may turn into a prosperous collaboration. Minor changes may take places in your routine. Your talent and charm could come to the fore front into this month. Try to keep your temper at an even level. Some Vital issues which are in your mind, try to postpone these issues until next month.

No. 3 month :
Be careful not to spend so much money. As a leader of your group you may find yourself in great prestige. Chartered Accountant ad financial advisors have to be extremely careful. New work proposals are worth considering. Students will emerge success in their tests and interviews. You may also get appreciation in literature. Good month for writers. They will express through words and oratory.

No. 4 month :
This is the month for savings and building up for the future. Bring out the ideas that you have been thinking. Make a project or a campaign which will give you a good profit in future. But for this you have to work very hard for some change of place, residence, purchase of a car or an overseas journey will be high on cards. Family members will demand more attention.

No. 5 month :
You will have energy for everything except constructive word. A..... of change and adjustments, but only for the short time. You should try to start your career plans. Friends will admire your abilities Delightful time lie ahead and a lot of opportunities are coming your way. your employment situation may also improve but it is advisable for you use polite words while dealing with higher authorize.

No. 6 month :
This is a month of conflicting energies that might put a bit of stress but its nothing that you cannot handle. You are popular in your circle and make new contacts. The future seems bright when you are committing to look forward. But do not spend so much money better to take of your sources of income. Try to enhance the beauty of your surrounding. It is favourable month for relationships or for the love life. It is better to spend most of your time in nature, beauty and art.

No. 7 month :
You feel detached with your friend and family members but will feel cool. Be grateful for this change. It gives you an opportunity to evaluate that life itself it very challenging. A confrontation should be avoided this month. Poets, artists and fumy and media people will have excellent opportunities to come in their way. Mystic study should also attract you. Mediate and spend some time in the spiritual rituals.

No. 8 as month :
You feel power and energy ding this month. All your business deals will design as you want, the things will work according to your own will power, whether you are a business tycoon or a housewife. Play the role of director and do whatever you have desire to do. You have a potentates to do whatever you have your determination. People close to your heart will be patient, loving and sweet. Journalists publishers, writers and hase who deal will iron leather, steel will have opportunities for expansion in business property dealer will also get a big propt.

No. 9 as mint :
Number Nine is the indicator of an excellent month someone gives you an unexpected opportunity. Spend sometime in the study of occult science your intuition will be very powerful. Do not take an outside advice for answer of your immediate problem. It lies within yourself. You should take care while driving especially on Tuesday's and Saturday. Military personal and police officers will have an excellent month. Sports people also have a good time. Models and Cine artists are in lime light.

So finally the next cycle will come and face it with optimism and with confidence. Be positive in your approach then every time will be good.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Powerful Hanumaan Attraction Yantra

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Lord Hanuman-Attraction Mantra.


“'Om Amuk-Namna 'Om Namo Vayu-Sunave Jhaṭiti Akarṣaya-Akarṣaya Swaha.”

Procedure to make -

Mixed this ingredients, and make a pest with Saffron, Kasturi, Cow - urine (Gorochana ), Red-Sandalwood, White - sandalwood, Ambur, camphor, and Tulsi leave.After that draw below Yantra on a Bhoj-Patra or white Paper,

Write this Mantra in the Middle of 12 leaves 'Lotus Yantra', and the persons name in place of the 'word' AMUK . After this write below 12th Mantra in the middle of 12 leaves where you find the number 1 to 12. in the Yantra.The Mantra are,-

  1. Hanumate Namah,
  2. Anjani Sunube Namah,
  3. Vayu-putraya Namaḥ,
  4. Maha-balava Namaḥ,
  5. Sriramesṭaya Namaḥ,
  6. Phalgun-Sakhay Namaḥ,
  7. Pingakṣava Namaḥ,
  8. Amit-Vikramay Namah,
  9. Udadhi-kramaṇay Namaḥ,
  10. Sita-Shok-Vinasakaya Namaḥ,
  11. Laksman-Praṇa-Daya Namaḥ,
  12. Dash-Mukh-Darpa-haraya Namah.

After drawing, worship this Yantra by Shodshopchar (16th articles) and chant this Mantra 11000 times,for energized the Yantra. Should maintain Brahma-Charya. This is highly effective Yantra for the attraction.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Table of Friendly Planets and Numbers in Numerology

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                 the Sun's

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Calculation About Your Own Turning Point Of Years

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                          the Sun's

For Example :-

Here show You some one who Born on 16.09.1981 .  Then you have to take only the numbers of the year 1981 for calculation.   
  • Add the year i.e. 1+9+8+1  = 19. 
  • Now add 19 to your birth year i.e 1981+19= 2000. 
  • So 2000 is the turning point year.  
  • In the same way if you want to know further turning point years, then do in the same way,
  • i.e total 2000. i.e 2+0+0+0 = 2 .   So add 2 to 2000. i.e  2000+2= 2002 is you another turning point year, 
  • and further i.e total 2002.  i.e 2+0+0+2=4 , 
  • same way add this 4 with 2002=2006 is your next turning point year........
This is the way, the famous Numerologist Cheiro predicted Queen Victorias death0
  • So in this way,count your own turning point of years and Make necessary steps with proper remedy. 

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Procedure to Calculate Your LUCKY NUMBER

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                           the Sun's

Procedure to Calculate Your LUCKY NUMBER by date of birth.

To Find your lucky number according to your date of birth, firstly you should add your birth date to single digit.

For Example: Supose person born on  day 16th of any month should be reduced to single digit by adding 1+6 = 7, So 7 is called her Birth number similarly Person born on 27th of any month should be reduced to single digit by similar mathod which is 2+7=9. and here 9 is called her Birth number

To know your lucky destiny number by date of birth, firstly you should add your birth date + month date + year date.

For example: 
A person born on 27/06/1982 should be reduced like this. 2+7+0+6+1+9+8+2 = 35 = 8

So here 8 is called Destiny Number

Everyone should know lucky number by date of birth in the above way.

your lucky number by date of birth determines you whole life. You whole life runs with your birth number and destiny number

1 birth number should always consider 2 for all works. If you want to marry a person or start an inauguration or travel to picnic or making friendship, you should see that 2 birth number or date as lucky. If you want you can try with 2 born persons or 2 coming dates

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Mysterious Power of the Numbers

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             the Sun's

In our Earth we found, different things around us in different forms. For an example, we know that basically there are only seven colors as we see in a rainbow and that can be observed by a prism in the sunlight. If mixed, two or more colors make some different ones. For instance, if yellow and red colors are mixed, we get orange color as a result. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of colors can be made this way.

We all know that whole world is made of four essential elements and this four essential elements are Fire, Earth, Air, Water, This elements are found in every thing we have seen in Earth.  As the sky is the base of all the matters in the world, so 'sound' is the chief quality of all the things. This is why sound has been called 'Shabd Brahma' i.e. sound is the symbol of the Almighty. All the words are the symbols of Brahma. But the qualities and effects of the words are different. The power of every word can be measured by transforming it into number. If chanted 7000 times, a word achieves its totality whereas some other word achieves its completeness after being chanted 17000 times.

An Orbit is 360 degrees (Amshas). for that if you try to change the degrees into Kalas, you should multiply the degrees of 360 by 60 and get 21600 Kalaas (Phases) as its product. Now, if we divide this sum total of 21600 into two parts we shall get 10800 as its product. Here is an other method of calculation. The period between one sunrise to the next is said to be equal to 60 Gharis. There are 60 Palas in a Ghari and 60 Vipalas in 1 Pala. Thus, if we multiply 60 Gharis by 60 Palas and then the product by 60 Vipalas, we shall get 216000 as Vipalas. Now, if this total of 21600 Vipalas is divided two parts, we shall get 108000 Vipalas for day and 108000 for night. Our ancient Rishis had made the 'Kaala', i.e. time and 'Samkhya' i.e. the number their base of calculation as it is done today in a scientific way in terms of rupees, paise, measurements etc.

The number of 108000 is the result of this very equation. If the last three Zeros are removed according to the decimal system, we shall get 108. Our ancient Rishis had developed a system through which the qualities of a man could be known by making out the sum total of his name and all the letters there in it. Jaya Parajaya Chakras have been cast somewhere later in this regard. Numerology, the science of Mantras etc. help us find as to who is the debtor of whom between the two-the debtor or the lender because the act of giving and taking is done by numbers itself. See Tantrasar in this connection. Today the scientists find out as to which eatable has how much nutritives in it by calculating its chalories. Likewise, which name a person will be stronger than any one else by changing his name into numbers.

The name of a man is his entity. Some sholars says, that the conciousness of a man remains active even while he/she is sleeping. This keeps him concious. A man sleeping among some people awakes if he is called by his name. This has been mentioned in Narapati Jaya Charcha that the name of a man should be kept into consideration by which he is called and awaken. The 'name' and the 'number' have been proved helpful in prediction from the very beginning of the history of mankind. There is a coordination between a particular number and the thing related with it like a television, which telecasts a particular programme it has been set for. It has been proved by new researches that some insects can communicate their messages to insects of the same group. Here again the example of television can be cited as done earlier. If the insects are put in different places in different groups in garden, they all will gather in a single group at a certain point of the garden.

It was found during a research that some flies of a particular kind, divided into two groups and both the groups were kept several miles away from each other, gathered in a single group after a short while. It means, that things of same group get attracted to each other. Similarly, persons having number 1 will be attracted to each other. This is a general rule. Numerologists know that number '1' will prove favorable for a man having number '1' as his radical number and he will have friendship with some number '1' people. Likewise, number '2' will prove to be favorable for a man having the same number as Radical number and he will enjoy friendship with a man of the same category of number.

Absolute explanation of Numerology is not possible. Why only 18 Chapters are there in Bhagvadgita ? Why do we have only 18 Parvas there in the Mahabharat ? What is the scientific reason behind the number of Puranas 18 in number ? The sum total of this '18' is 1+8=9. Why? All these questions related to Numerology can not be explained here. Numerology is very deep. you can benefit yourself by studying deeply the rules mentioned in it and can find as to which is unfavorable.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Theory Of 'Mount' in Palmistry

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                                           the Sun's


In my previous post try to explain about the major Lines in our palm and the planets positions. Today I am try to short explanation more about mount, it’s pretty easy. We are found that in every human palm at the bottom of each finger is a spongy pad — the other side of your knuckle, if you will. All you need to do to “read” the mount is to look at it and gauge the height. There are three heights: high, low or flat. How well-pronounced the mount appears will tell you everything you need to know!

If you find it difficult to tell the relative size of your mounts, just cup your hand slightly and look at it side-on. You will easily see which mounts are larger than others!

We analyze the mounts in combination with the lines of palmistry and the fingers.

Jupiter -

Mount of Jupiter is under index finger. It tells us about your personal philosophies, beliefs and leadership capabilities.

The Jupiter mount, represents our ambition, enthusiasm and willingness to share and socialize.
A high Jupiter mount means you are self-centered and aggressive to the point of being dominating. If your Jupiter mount has a normal height, you are intelligent, and an ambitious, natural leader. A low or flat Jupiter mount means you don’t have much self-confidence.

Saturn –

Mount of Saturn is under your middle finger. This mount is all about how patient and responsible you are.

The Saturn mount, represents our stability, responsibility and love of tradition. It may also show a greater understanding of time, rhythm and the deeper aspects of life.

A high Saturn mount shows stubbornness, a tendency to be alone, depressed, cynical and shy. If your Saturn mount has a normal amount of elevation, you are responsible and hard-working, friendly and you trust in the Universe. If it is low or flat, this can mean you are superficial and disorganised.

Sun -

Mount of Apollo (or Sun) situated in Palm is under your ring finger. The Sun relates to creative genius, fantasy, imagination and happiness.

Sun mount, is the indicator of  love of life, spontaneity, fruitfulness, creativity, success – a sunny disposition.

High Sun mount means that you are a prideful person, who loves to flatter others, can be extravagant, but can be quick-tempered. A normal Sun mount shows someone who is adaptable, outgoing and self-confident. A low Sun mount means you are someone with very little imagination. You might find it difficult to make decisions.

Mercury _

The Mercury mount is under your little finger. Mercury is all about wealth, intellect and travel.

The Mercury mount, our ability to converse and interact with others. A developed mount signifies an ability to convey a message quickly, clearly and diplomatically, serves well in commerce and negotiation.

An overdeveloped Mercury mount can denote someone who speaks too much, and can be untruthful. They can be greedy, too. A normal Mercury mount means you are thoughtful, versatile, with lots of interests. These people tend to be great in business and able to read others well. A low mount of Mercury shows someone who is shy, unable to communicate, and may not make a lot of money.


The Luna (or Moon) mount runs along the outside of your palm. It starts underneath your little finger, and runs along the side of your hand. The Moon is a sign of imagination, creativity and emotion.
The mount of Luna or the Moon mount, (bottom right hand corner of the palmistry diagram of hand) represents our sense of imagination, inventiveness, intuition and romantic aspirations. The written skills are well represented here. A strong desire for change. (Add palm reading comment here.)

Venus -

The Venus mount is under your thumb. It’s the fleshy bit that your life line curves around. The Venus mount relates to love, intuition, vitality, sensuality and success.

The Venus mount. Perhaps the greatest indicator of our passion for life and others, and our virility. The padding is usually very pronounced in the hands of artists and can also signify good circulation and constitution.

A high Venus mount shows someone who can be promiscuous and overindulgent. Sometimes they can become obsessed with instant gratification. A normal, well-developed Venus mount denotes a person who is influential, and passionate about the arts. If your Venus mount is flat, you have little to no interest in family life. These people also tend to criticism others.

Mars (+) -

Mars positive or the 1st Mars mount, (shown between the thumb and index finger on the palmistry diagram of hand below) denotes our courage and willingness to defend our beliefs and the beliefs of others. Energy and tenacity.

Mars (-) -

Mars negative or the 2nd Mars mount, represents our sense of responsibility and commitment to the social community, and our staying power under trying circumstances.
Plain of Mars

The Mars plain, distinguishes how bearing (or over bearing) our personality is on others and to what degree we make use of our 1st and 2nd Mars characteristics.

The Neptune mount, not very common, sometimes confused with the lower part of the Venus mount. Indicates a charming magnetic and intuitive character. At ease performing in front of others.


A high Moon mount points to someone who lives so much in their imagination that it crowds out all sense of reality. If you have a well-defined Moon mount, you have extraordinary creative abilities. You love the arts, are compassionate, and have psychic abilities. A low or flat Moon mount denotes someone who lives in her head, but doesn’t share it with others. She may be a bit of a loner, with pessimistic tendencies.

Generally speaking, the mounts represent where our energy and talents lie. The Mounts that are more developed than others represent strengths in certain characteristics – something which we highlight in  palm reading and that you can take advantage of.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mahabhairav Videshan Mantra

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The Mahabhairav Videshan Mantra is a Tamas Guni Aghori Prayog to create enmity between two persons; mostly lovers. Only the husband or wife in the Tamsik Mode can practice this Sadhana to remove one of the triangles of a love triangle. Likewise this Prayog is also used to divide business or political rivals or two friends by creating enmity amongst them. 

Mantra -

'' Aum Mahabhairavay Smashan

Amukam Amukay Viddeshan Kuru Kuru Fat ''


The Siddhi over the Mantra is gained on the day of Holi, by chanting 11 Malas of the Mantra. The Mala used for counting the chants has to be one which is made from human bones.

Note - Without Guru And  proper guidance do't try this Mantra Sadhana .

Then for actual use it has to be chanted 108 times daily for 41 days. The words “Amuko and Amuka” in the Mantra  have to be replaced with the names of the persons sought to be separated.  This is one of the dangerous Hindu Prayogs and is not recommended for use by anyone.


हिन्दीमे -

दो ब्यक्ति के बीच शत्रुता बरने के लिये ओर दो प्यार कोरने वाले के बीच बीद्देश बरने या प्यार तोरने के लिये, ईये एक बिशेष अघोरी बिददेशन मंत्र हे । 

मंत्र -

'' ॐ महाभैरबाय शांशन अमुकम / अमूके विद्देशन कुरु कुरु स्वहा ''

मंत्र सिद्धि के बिधी -

ईईए एक बिशेष शक्तिशाली मंत्र हे । गुरु की निर्देशित उपाय बिना ईये साधना हानिकारक हो सकते हे । होली के दिन नहाने के बाद धोये हुये कापरे पहन कर किसिभी पबीत्र स्थान पर बैठे इस मंत्र की ११ माला जप करे ।इसके बाद हर रोज ४१ दिन तक इस मंत्र कि १०८ बार जप करे । इसबर जप करने कि बक्त ,मंत्र मे लिखी हुये शब्द अमूकम / अमूके कि यागय ब्याकी कि नाम ज़ोर दे । 

 जप करने के लिये मानव हड्डियां से बनेहुये माला इस्तेमाल करे । ईये पुस्तक मे दिये हुये बिधी हे । इसलिये हर किसिकों ईये साधना करना सही नेही हे । इस साधना की बिपरित क्रिया भि हो सकते हे । माय किसिकों इस साधना कि परामर्श नेही देता । 

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Astro Palmistry Types of Hands

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                                           the Sun's

Palmistry is the way of interpreting the Shape of the hand and the Lines of the palm, to project the character and possible life experiences of an individual.

The Palmistry science is divided into two major areas: the study of  Shape of the hand, or cheirology, and the study of the lines of the palm, or cheiromancy.
The modern theory is that the lines of the hand represent a graphic shorthand of the circuits of the brain. The nerve group that controls the hands is exactly in the center of the brain, and all the electrical energies of our thinking pass through it. Palmists feel that the lines on the hand are formed in some relation to thought patterns, nerve linkages, or even chromosomal structures.
Types of Hands
  • The Elementary Hand
  • The Psychic Hand
  • The Conical Hand 
  • The Square Hand
  • The Intellectual Hand
  • The Mixed Type Hand 
  • The Spatulate Hand  

The science of  palmistry lies in identifying the hand type, which can be attributed to individual characteristics:

The Elementary Hand

This is characterized by stiff, heavy, short fingers and a short thumb. Other traits are a thick, hard, square palm, shapeless fingertips, and rough and leathery skin. The person with the elementary hand displays a lack of enthusiasm and imagination. They show a general indifference to life, and are concerned only with daily existence. This person is largely intolerant of a nasty situation, and can get violent when provoked.

Profession: This hand is characteristic of laborious and those involved in violent sports, like boxing.

The Psychic Hand -

This is a small and slender hand, characterized by smooth fingers. The palm is medium in size, and the nailed phalanges are long and tapering. The thumb is small and elegant. People with this hand have a visionary and dreamy nature. They are interested in occult sciences. Persons with this hand shape lead a chaotic life, characterized by a lack of discipline.

 Profession: This hand usually belongs to those with a deep interest in the occult, such as magicians and clairvoyants.

The Conical Hand -

This hand has smooth fingers, the nails of which are shaped like cones, giving the hand its name. The palm is broad, thick and large, and the thumb is also unusually huge. People with this hand are usually connoisseurs of the arts with superb communication skills, and a love for the arc lights. He lives life on a purely sensual level. On the flip side, this person is impulsive and has a short temper.

Profession: This hand is characteristic of those in the creative field, like painters, sculptors, musician and poets.

The Square Hand -

The square hand has a square palm, a square wrist, and the fingertips are also square. While the fingers are largely knotty, this hand is characterized by a large thumb and a square finger base. People with square hands are blessed with perseverance. They are downright conventional and love general order. They are honest and reliable, and like to lead disciplined lives, with little imagination.

Profession: This hand usually belongs to businessmen, executives, lawyers, doctors, scientists and engineers.

The Intellectual Hand -

This is a long and angular hand, with bony fingers and knotty joints. The palm is large and bony, and the nailed phalanges are part conical and part square. The philosophic hand belongs to those who spare a thought for the less fortunate. They are blessed with the ability to understand the metaphysical aspect of life. They are gifted with analytical powers and are adept at keeping secrets.

Profession: This hand usually belongs to teachers, thinkers and world leaders

The Speculate Hand -

As the name suggests, the fingers of this hand are flattened like a spatula. The most characteristic feature is the large thumb. It is extremely broad near the base and tapers towards the fingers. This hand belongs to the imaginative. These people have a love for invention and discovery. They have a quest for knowledge, and a restless and excitable nature. They are energetic and dexterous, and thrive on taking risks.

Profession: People with this hand are mainly artisans, inventors, explorers, navigators, astronauts, and engineers.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Science – an Introduction about Palmistry,

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                                           the Sun's

Every human is associated with a divine science. Some are believe in one supreme power, and  others believe in astrology. Suppose, any persons think that He is solely responsible to do or to stop an event, then why is there a need to BELIEVE in any of the above-mentioned aspects ? Everyone feels that in our mystic world there is something else that governs life, which is beyond human mind & understanding and that is called the '' Supreme Power ''.

In our mystic world some people have a misconception that knowing the future is to go against the existentialism. It's not true. In fact in my view, astrological guidance helps persons to performing his/her work ( Karma ) in the right way & to transcend the cycle of life to become one with the supreme consciousness.

Palmistry is one such science that guides an individual towards the RIGHT. This particular science has undoubtedly survived the passage of time, and still remains one of the most used systems of prediction across the globe. The reason for its unhindered survival can be attributed to the fact that – Truth Always Prevail!

Our hands act as a mirror of our personality. Its length, width, firmness, hardness, and flexibility reveal a person?s temperament and basic nature.

Shape of the hand signify the basic instincts, of a person, the Lines of our Hand represent the waves of our brain and the Mounts of Hands signifies success in life. Movement of the lines on the palm indicate the ups and downs in a person's life thus giving an idea about his past & the future.


Shape of Palm is the mirror of person's characteristic..People with long palm are basically thinkers. They analyses things and formulate plans. People with short palm do not think twice. They do not go deep into the subject; they rather take decisions on impulse, and complete jobs quickly.

You can read lot more about 'Shape of Hands' in my next post.

Palm with flexible skin indicate flexibility in ideas. Such people accept new ideas and have good intellect. People with firm palm are firm in their ideas, and do change their perspective soon. Hard and rough skin people do not waste time in thinking; they believe in ACTION.


Mounts of the hands are important to consider while predicting future. The raised portions of flesh on the palm are called Mounts. Mounts reveal mental and physical peculiarities of an individual.

Mount of Jupiter is at the base of Index Finger, and it signifies the ego, ambition and the leadership qualities of a person.

Mount of Saturn is situated below the Middle Finger. Individuals with a well-developed mount of Saturn are sober and remain an introvert.

Mount of Sun is at the base of Ring Finger. Individuals with a well-developed Mount of Sun are extroverts & live a pomp and showy life.

Mount of Mercury is below the Little finger. It reveals the degree of eloquence. People with developed Mount of Mercury are sharp, clever and have exemplary business acumen. They are also too good at communication.

Mount of Venus is at the base of Thumb. It signifies the degree of an individual?s sexuality, generosity and physical vitality.

People with well-developed Mount of Moon are imaginative and intuitive.

Mount of Defensive Mars is situated below the Mount of Mercury and tells about a person?s patience and endurance level.

Mount of Aggressive Mars is below the Mount of Jupiter. And persons with a well-developed Aggressive Mars are short tempered and dominating in nature.


The four major lines that run over the palm are Life Line, Heart Line,  Head Line and Faith Line. These lines are found in 99 per cent of the hands. Secondary lines like Line of Saturn, Line of Sun and Line of Mercury are not found in many hands but play a very important role in predicting ones? future.

The Life Line reveals a person?s physical vitality, health and life energy. A short Life Line does not necessarily mean an early death.

Head Line is the most important line among main lines. It indicates person?s mental strength & ability.

Heart Line deals about the emotional side of a person. It also indicates the level of intimacy, his attitude towards sympathy, affection and level of sentimentality.

Faith Line indicated the success and achievement of life.

In palmistry, the personal information like date of birth, place of birth & time of birth are not needed. Its accuracy level is 99 per cent.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Super Powerful Vashikaran Prayog

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There are so many strong and powerful Vashikaran Mantra are available which is really amazing and very quick effective for love cases and marriage issues,Business problems, etc . If you have any kind of problem like, love life or married life, Loss in Business, so you should try this .There are so many procedures and method in which you can energize food and drinks, cloves and cardamoms or any sweet and offer desired person to eat or drink and he will come under control after some time, but it is the best in my view.

Mantra - 

'' Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Baraaha - Dantay Bhairavay Namah ''

Procedure -
Collect a piece of Pig- Teeth, ( Shukra- Dant ),You can collect it from any butcher.Always pay some prices for that. Clean the teeth as possible as you can.

In any auspicious day like Dewali, Dashera, Holy, etc worship Lord 'Bhairav' ,flame a oil lamp and incense, offer some sweet to lord Bharav.

Sin on a comfortable red mat ( Asana ), keep that pig-teeth in your hand or in front of you, concentrated and chant above Mantra 108 times. Make an Amulet, and keep this energized pig-teeth under this 'Amulet,and wear it.

Person's Will achieve victory in that case. The patient will recover. The enemy will be defeated and will relieve concerns. Business will increase.


हिन्दीमे -

शूकर-दन्त वशीकरण मन्त्र प्रयोग एक सरल वशीकरण प्रयोग,इस वशीकरण प्रयोग से आप आसानी से आपने जीबन मे आनेबले हर परिशनी से निशकारा पा सकते हे। 

मंत्र -

 “ ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं वाराह-दन्ताय भैरवाय नमः 

 विधि- शूकर-दन्तको अपने सामने रखकर उक्त मन्त्र का होली, दीपावली, दशहरा आदि में १०८ बार जप करे। फिर इसका ताबीज बनाकर गले में पहन लें। ताबीज धारण करने वाले पर जादू-टोना, भूत-प्रेत का प्रभाव नहीं होगा। लोगों का वशीकरण होगा। मुकदमें में विजय प्राप्ति होगी। रोगी ठीक होने लगेगा। चिन्ताएँ दूर होंगी और शत्रु परास्त होंगे। व्यापार में वृद्धि होगी।

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Powerful Kaam-Pishachini Vashikaran Mantra

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There are so many strong and powerful Vashikaran Mantra are available which is really amazing and very quick effective for love cases and marriage issues. If you have any kind of problem in your love life or married life so you should try this most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra. Vashikaran has many procedures and method in which you can energize food and drinks, cloves and cardamoms or any sweet and offer desired person to eat or drink and he will come under control after some time, 


“Aim Pinstham Kalim Kaam - Pisachini Sighra 
‘Amuk’ Grahay; Grahay, Kamen Ma Ma Rupen Vashwei: 
Bidaray; Bidaray, Dravay; Dravay, Preem-Pasho
Bandhaya Bandhaya, 'Om Shrim phaṭ.”

Procedure -

Mantra Sadhana will start from any auspicious day like Diwali, Holy, Dashera, For Mantra Siddhi, chant this mantra 20,000 times with in 11 days continuous. After Mantra Siddhi, when You wanted to use it for attract some one, remembrance the persons and chant this Mantra 108 times every day continuous 40 days,in this procedure you just add the persons name in place of the word 'AMUK' 

हिन्दीमे -

प्यार और शादी के मामलोमे जल्दी काम कोरने बाला प्रभबी मंत्र हे। आपके प्यार संबंध ओर शादीशुदा जीबन मे अगर कोई समस्या अरही हे तो इस मंत्र की प्रयोग से जल्द ही सफलता मिलने लगेगा । 

मंत्र -

 ऐं पिन्स्थां कलीं काम - पिशाचिनी शिघ्रं
अमुक ग्राह्य ग्राह्य, कामेन मम रुपेण वश्वैः 
विदारय विदारय, द्रावय द्रावय, प्रेम-पाशे 
बन्धय बन्धय, ॐ श्रीं फट्।

 विधि- उक्त मन्त्र को पहले पर्व, शुभ समय में २०००० जप कर सिद्ध कर लें। प्रयोग के समय साध्यके नाम का स्मरण करते हुए प्रतिदिन १०८ बार मन्त्र जपने से वशीकरणहो जाता है। 

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