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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting Married and Looking for a Happy Married Life ?


Remember that this remedy to be done at the time of marriage only .

This is the one of most important and  effective remedy for a Happy Married Life

In any Marriage Ceremony when the parents of the girl giving the hand of their daughter in boy's (Groom) hand, this work is known as Kanyadaan, and at that time Parents should also keep two square silver pieces must be equal weight (Weight doesn't matter) offer in their daughter's hands. The bride should take those two pieces with her to her new home.

 After a day or two or as per the convenience the newly wedded couple should go to a river or canal (running water) and offer one of the silver pieces in the water together. The other silver piece should be kept at home always. It should never be sold. 

This silver piece will save the couple from many of the life's troubles. It will also save the house from thefts.

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