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Extremely Powerful Kali Mantra To Destroy Enenies

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Enemy Trouble And You

" Most effective and powerful Maa Kali Mantra. 

Life is nothing but a confluence of good and bad.

And when one's stars are unfavorable, enmities spring up, enemy minds start working overtime, problems are created in one's life and rumors are spread with an aim to mar one's reputation. Retaliation could get one into further trouble; but there is a way out that is easy as well as effective.

To pacify enemies and adversaries, light a holy fire and then make oblations of a mixture of black pepper seeds, yellow mustard seeds and black sesame seeds, chanting the following Mantra by concentrating on the picture of Goddess Kali. Do this for 25 minutes for 7 days.

Kali mantra

"Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Kalike Kleem Kleem Kleem Sarv Shatrrunaam Praharya Bhanjaya Maraya Visfotya Kleem Kleem Kleem Kreem Kreem Kreem Phat"

ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं कालिके क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं सर्व शत्रुणां प्रहारय भंजय 

मारय विस्फोटय क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं फट् ॥

Throw the mixture where four roads meet.

And soon enough you shall feel all opposition  down.

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Powerful Vashikaran Mantra

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This is one of quick effective Sabar Vashikaran Mantra.
( SABAR' MANTRA means, MANTRA which can be used everybody and it easy to used Shabar mantra for Vashikaran works for love relationship and married life problem and it is easy to use without complicated and tough rituals but basically Shabar mantra always come with long words so strong and powerful Shabar vashikaran mantra takes time to complete the target but after completing it, show amazing result. Also easy Shabar mantra for Vashikaran,)

Mantra -

“Bara rakhau baroini, muha ma rakhaum kalika.
Caṇḍi ma rakhaum mohini, bhuja ma rakhaum johani.

Agu ma rakhaum silemaan, pichhe ma rakhaum jamadaar.
Janghe ma rakhaum loha ke jhar, piṇḍari ma rakhaum soukhan veer.

Ulṭan kaya, pulṭan veer, haamk deta hanumanta chhute.
Raja ram ke pare dohai, hanumaan ke piraa choauki.

Kir kare biṭ bira kare, mohini johini sato bahini.
Moha debe joha debe, chalat ma pariharin moho.

Moho ban ke hathi, battish mandir ke darbar moho.
Hak pare bhiraha mohini ke jay, chet samhar ke.

Sat guru saheb.”

Procedure For Mantra Siddhi -

This is a Siddha Vashikaran Mantra for all, For Mantra Siddhi Chant this Mantra 108 times in a auspicious day like Holy, Diwali, Worshiping lord with Light a flame, incense.  Offer coconut, lime,and jaggery.

हिन्दीमे -

इये एक बिशेष सबार वशीकरण मंत्र हे। कोईभि आपने इछानुसार इस मंत्र का प्रोयोग कर सकते हे । इये मंत्र आपने आप ही सिद्ध हे । इस मंत्र प्रयोग मे कोईभी कठिन पक्रिया करनेकी जरुरत नेही हे । ए मंत्र आपने आप ही सिद्ध हे । 

मंत्र -

बारा राखौ, बरैनी, मूँह म राखौं कालिका।
चण्डी म राखौं मोहिनी, भुजा म राखौं जोहनी।

आगू म राखौं सिलेमान, पाछे म राखौं जमादार।
जाँघे म राखौं लोहा के झार, पिण्डरी म राखौं सोखन वीर।

उल्टन काया, पुल्टन वीर, हाँक देत हनुमन्ता छुटे।
राजा राम के परे दोहाई, हनुमान के पीड़ा चौकी।

कीर करे बीट बिरा करे, मोहिनी जोहिनी सातों बहिनी।
मोह देबे जोह देबे, चलत म परिहारिन मोहों।

मोहों बन के हाथी, बत्तीस मन्दिर के दरबार मोहों।
हाँक परे भिरहा मोहिनी के जाय, चेत सम्हार के।

सत गुरु साहेब।

विधि -उक्त मन्त्र स्वयं सिद्ध है तथा एक सज्जन के द्वारा अनुभूत बतलाया गया है। फिर भी शुभ समय में १०८ बार जपने से विशेष फलदायी होता है। नारियल, नींबू, अगर - बत्ती, सिन्दूर और गुड़ का भोग लगाकर १०८ बार मन्त्र जपे।

 मन्त्र का प्रयोग कोर्ट-कचहरी, मुकदमा-विवाद, आपसी कलह, शत्रु-वशीकरण, नौकरी-इण्टरव्यू, उच्च अधीकारियों से सम्पर्क करते समय करे। उक्त मन्त्र को पढ़ते हुए इस प्रकार जाँए कि मन्त्र की समाप्ति ठीक इच्छित व्यक्ति के सामने हो।

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Power of Beej Mantra

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The word 'mantra' is very ancient and widely practiced all parts of the world in their religious culture. Reference to found in the oldest Vedic scriptures, which are claimed to be more than 5,000 years old.

Mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation" These sounds were revealed to Rishis and other pure beings in psychic states or in very deep meditation, when all consciousness of the self was lost and when nothing but inner light shone in front of them.They are mystical formulas that may be recited or sung and are often repeated many times.

Mantra do not have any specific meaning. Their power is not in the words themselves, but in the sound vibrations created when the mantra is uttered verbally or when it takes form in the mind and is not expressed in the voice.

Beej Mantra-

Beej Mantras are seed mantra. The word 'BEEJ' is a sanskrit word, which mean in english 'SEED'. Each deity has a specific Beej mantra. Every 'Beej' mantra is full of POWER and there are various Beej mantras and every Mantra have with its own power. When the 'Beej' mixed with other mantras, they provide Extra Power to that mantra. 

Basic Beej mantra is "Om" and its further expanded into the following types of 'Beej '......
  • Vog Beej ,
  • Tejo Beej, 
  • Shanti Beej and 
  • Raksha beej, 
which are respectively known as - aim, hreem, sreem, kreem, kleem, dum, gam, glaum, lam, yam, aam or um or ram.

There are some one word beej mantras which are consists of a single letter and Some Bija-Mantras are made up of compound letters, such as the Mantra Hreem, Their meaning is subtle and mystical. The form of the Bija-Mantra is the form of the God ( Devata ) signified by it.

Every Beej' Mantra have a elements in five elements, namely either, Fire, Earth , Air, Water, and Sky, are Ham, Yam, Ram, Vam and Lam respectively. 

For example - Brim is the Bija of  Brihaspati-Mantra and Raam of  Lord Rama-Mantra, 

How to chant 'Beej' Mantra :

First you have to concentrate and then start chanting mantra 'OM'. The “Om” word helps you to concentrate you mind and the mantra in itself helps to invoke the higher powers This procedure helps you to taking your soul above materialistic world, also connecting you to the supreme Power. Chanting Bija mantra reforms your mind,calm your body and instill you found a new confidence that was not seen before. It is a proven healing process.

During meditation, if you chants a Beej mantra, then you can experience divine energy flowing through you. If this procedure is done regularly, then this energy stays in the body and it can make you feel energetic about your work and family life. This positive energy gain by Bija mantra helps to deflect the negative energies around you and it will make you even more successful.

The Physical location of  'Bija' mantras of the main chakras are given in the following table:

Chakra Beej Mantras
Every Chakras have a different tones and vibrate different frequencies, the root being the slowest and most dense to Ajna or third eye chakra being the fastest . The beej mantra or single seed syllable  of the chakra balances the chakra and thereby purifies it.

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Raja Yoga

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Raja means King. A king acts with independence, self-confidence and assurance. Likewise, a Raja Yogi is autonomous, independent and fearless. Raja Yoga is the path of self-discipline and practice.

Pleasant Sense Raja Yoga makes our mind to all of our well being and our mind is in a state of ecstasy with darkness all-around. There is faith in our deep consciousness in a supreme being. It is the God towards whom we are looking for help, guidance, protection and inspiration. Our ego causes a problem in this matter to not allow our mind to reach up to God. If our ego frees us from its slavery, we can easily get to the Ultimate.

Raja Yogis Michele Hébert and Mehrad Nazari were drawn to Raja Yoga because of its authentic and inclusive nature. The spiritual focus of Raja Yoga was also the emphasis of their own spiritual master, Walt Baptiste.
"Raja Yoga is a science, art and a path in life to enhance,
enrich and strengthen our spiritual focus."

                                               -Walt Baptiste
"With Raja Yoga, benefits are experienced both immediately and long-term, not just on a physical level but in all aspects of our lives. We experienced positive changes in our lives that include not just improved health, but greater awareness, mental clarity, self-confidence, and spiritual attunement within ourselves and in relationship to the world around us."

-Michele Hébert and Mehrad Nazari, Ph.D.

King of Yogas: It is called the king of all yogas because it is mainly concerned with our mind. There is no struggling of breathing and physical body in this yoga but our mind gets silence and freedom from wandering thoughts. It makes our mind to enter the thoughtless state of mind and that is why called Raja Yoga. This yoga helps us to get realization of oneness.

State of Mind: Raja yoga is chiefly related with our mind and its control and certain kinds of modification. Our mind is always running in different directions with its ray’s scattered all over. We have to focus our mind to control these useless thoughts. We can control our mind with four great virtues, friendliness, compassion, complacency and indifference towards others who are too superior to us. It is yoga which makes us free from the bondage of misery and also develops the remote viewing abilities.

Eternal Bliss: Raja yoga puts an end to all the miseries in our lives and an eternal bliss is experienced through it. We have to free ourselves from the slavery of attachment in order to get near the almighty and attain eternal ecstasy. We have to realize the real cause of our miseries of earthly life. The cause of these miseries is the discrimination that arises within us with the thinking that we are superiors to others. Raja yoga gives us the most practical method to know the cause of such problems.

Three Types of Aspirants: There are first class aspirant to get materialistic things in life and they are advised meditation on samadhi to get freedom from this slavery. Then there are middling aspirant and they are advised selflessness, austerity and egolessness. Meditation with disciplinary practice like fasting and self-surrendering before God. Raja yoga maintains that everybody should strictly follow certain rules and regulation in life to attain freedom from the slavery of miseries. The yoga practitioner should be very patient.

Benefits of Pranayama

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Benefits of pranayama are immeasurable. The main thing is that it rejuvenates the body cells and slows down the breathing process so that the life force is energized. The regular practice will help improve your overall health. Read on to know the real and fundamental advantages of practicing pranayama daily.

Many people throughout the world are getting conscious towards their health and are focusing on the age old proven way of instilling life force that is known as pranayama. Many are aware of the benefits of pranayama, but still there are some who do not know the real advantage of pranayama and yoga.

The meaning of pranayama is giving energy to ‘prana’, which means life. While we give exercise and energy to this innermost soul and life, it helps you remain in complete harmony.

If you have knee problem your doctor advises you to walk and provide exercises to it and if you want a perfect figure, you need to exercise your whole body. Isn’t it necessary that ‘prana’ that runs your whole life should be provided some exercise and energy?

Some of the most widespread benefits of pranayama

Improves breathing – Breathing is the indication of life. But the way one breathes depicts the person’s health. Pranayama helps improve your breathing and along with that when you breathe in the oxygen it is taken to right places so that the inner cells are energized to function properly. It releases stress from the heart muscles as well as calms down the brain as well.

Has anti-aging effects – In this world of cosmetics and countless anti-aging products, pranayama is a method that provide you the inner glow and charm that no other cosmetics can offer no matter how costly the cream or the treatment is. The inner truth is that anything that lasts long depends on the way you breath. You can have a look at the skin of people who practice pranayama regularly.

Enhances immunity – Regular practice of pranayama helps improve overall health as all body parts get more oxygen and energy and the toxins are washed off automatically. The resistance power of the body gets enhanced by the rejuvenation of the cells and it helps fight with diseases. This is the main reason why improvement in health of cancer patients is observed.

It improves cardiovascular health – Since pranayama is centered to breathing activity, it improves the cardiovascular health of the person who practices pranayama daily like anulom vilom and bhastrika. All the body cells get revitalized and there is amazing improvement in the blood circulation. This helps stabilize the heart palpitation and hence controls blood pressure.

Improves the digestive system – Certain pranayama like kapalabhaati, agnisaar and bahya, provide exercise to stomach muscles and the gastrointestinal tract, so the people suffering from any kind of digestive problem gets benefited by it. The medicine intake comes down automatically and the person feels more energetic and revitalized from within.

Improves concentration – Daily practice of pranayama improves concentration in the individual and helps him remain calm in adverse conditions as well. Those who feel distracted easily or are not able to concentrate in his work find the difference from the very first week. If parents initiate and ask their children to practice pranayama regularly, it is definitely going to help them a lot.

There are some of pranayamas that need to be practiced daily. The best time to do is early in the morning at the time of sunrise. You should know the right way of doing it so that you get the perfect benefit. The advantages are countless and it is only a matter of regular practice.

If you want to remain healthy and active for longer part of your life, start practicing pranayama daily no matter what your age or profession is.

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Bhramari Pranayama

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Bhramari’ is a Sanskrit word  which means is ‘Bhramar’ the black Indian bumble bee. It describes the characteristic humming sound which is produced while exhaling in this breathing exercise.So you can understand why this breathing exercise is called as Bhramari Pranayama. Lets see steps and benefits of pranayama as follows. Bhramari pranayama is the best breathing exercise  for meditation also releasing frustration and anger. It is the best breathing exercise in calming your mind . It has immediate relaxing effect on the brain. If it is practiced regularly, mental stress, fatigue and high blood pressure reduces.

Procedure for Bhramari Pranayama
Sit in a suitable relaxed posture like Padmasana  or Vajrasana .and press your tragus with your thumb  Place your index fingers on the forehead and let the remaining 3 fingers close your eyes. Inhale through both the nostrils, taking a real slow deep breath. Keep your mouth closed and begin slowly exhaling, making humming sound of a bee like “hmmmm”.Feel your body releases impurity from your body and experiencing positive energy.

Practice daily for 3 to 5 minutes.

Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama
It is tremendous breathing exercise for meditation and helpful for Kundalini Awakening.
It relieve tension, anger,anxiety.and effective against hypertension.
Modern medical science has proved, if Bhramari practiced regularly during pregnancy it keeps the endocrinal system regulated to maintain the pregnancy successfully and may facilitate easy and trouble-free childbirth.
Bhramari Pranayama control the high blood pressure and cure it.aldo cures sinus problem.
Helps to stay calm and bring stability in mind.
Cures the problems related to nervous system.

This Pranayama should be practice under expert guidance.
People having heart disease should not hold their breath for long time.
Always Pranayama should be done on empty stomach.

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